20+ Plastic Free July Ideas: A Complete Guide To Getting Involved


Join the fight against plastic pollution! Discover how to get involved in Plastic Free July. From small swaps to big ideas, help create a plastic-free future.

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Currently, about 40% of the ocean's surface is covered with plastic. If current trends continue, by 2025 there’ll be more plastic than fish in the ocean.

Started in 2011, Plastic Free July is an initiative that aims to change the tide and create a world that’s not polluted with plastic waste.

Want to be part of the change? Then you’re in the right place. From quick swaps to bigger initiatives, here’s everything you need to know to get involved in Plastic Free July this year.

What is Plastic Free July

Plastic takes 500 years to decompose stick on a street pole

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Plastic-Free July was started in Western Australia by Rebecca Prince-Ruiz in 2011. After touring a recycling facility, she saw:

  • How much waste recycling produced
  • How it eventually was shipped to other countries
  • How recycling wasn’t much better than sending trash to a landfill. 

She knew she wanted to make a change but was fighting an uphill battle. So she started small: a team of 40 people in the government finding ways to reduce plastic.

From its humble roots, the campaign has grown into a campaign that millions of people participate in and has dramatically reduced the amount of plastic used worldwide ( 250 million kgs reduction in plastic waste in 2023!).

Check out this year’s official Plastic-Free July campaign!

How To Get Involved In Plastic-Free July 

A pile of trash on the beach

Photo by Brian Yurasits on Unsplash

You’re already on our website reading a blog about Plastic Free July so you know reducing your plastic consumption is important. Wherever you are right now, look around you. How much plastic do you see?

In 2021, global plastic production was around 380 million tonnes. To give some perspective to that number, each one of these things individually weighs one ton: an Adult Male Moose, a Saltwater Crocodile, a Great White Shark, and a 1979 Volkswagen Beetle.

Plastic Free July and subsequently the Plastic Free Foundation, have moved far beyond raising awareness for one month of the year. They are working to amplify their message across businesses and governments to continue to spread the plastic-free social message and continue to make a difference around the world.

But we can all - no matter how small - start somewhere. Read on for 20 quick swaps and more ways to get involved. You never know what difference you can make until you try it!

20 Quick Swaps To Kickstart Your Plastic-Free July 


Here are some common items you can start swapping out to kick plastic out of your life:

Bigger Initiatives To Get Involved In

Ready for something bigger? These are just a handful of changes that need to be pursued at a higher level to make a lasting impact.


  • Is your office or workplace recycling? Can they start?
  • Can plastic and one-time-use plastic be removed from common areas?
  • Are more water stations needed at the workplace?


  • Can local events source vendors that don’t use plastic?
  • Can you organize a beach, highway, or park cleanup and raise awareness?
  • Can you host or organize a screening event?


  • Can you contact the local government to encourage more sustainable policies?

The options are endless! Pursue something that lights you up and take it one imperfect step at a time. We’re always here for you!

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