Meet the Founders

Meet Sarah


"Earth has music for those who listen."

George Santayana

Raised all of her life in the Sunshine State, Sarah grew up learning about Florida’s native birds, wildlife, plants, and gardening from her dad. As she grew older and her passion for nature grew stronger, it became increasingly apparent to her that our environment & wildlife pay the price for the decisions we make every day. Sarah wanted to be part of the sustainable change that the world desperately needed, so she began her professional career in environmentalism working at a wildlife center and became a board member of her local conservation alliance. But in time, her passion outgrew her position. Motivated by a deep-seated desire to make a bigger impact on the planet and give a voice to the voiceless, Sarah and her partner JJ opened Zero Waste Store! 

Meet JJ


"We are the ones we have been waiting for."

June Jordan

As an entrepreneur and “go-getter” for most of his adult life, JJ always turned to the outdoors for internal solace. He may be a techy in the office and a known web guru online, but for this environmentally devout businessman, the woods have always been his church. Growing up in undeveloped Florida, JJ has long realized that everything we need as a species to survive and thrive is already provided to us by nature itself. Through years of corporate experience in entrepreneurial America, he has also learned sadly that so many of us have lost our innate connection with the natural world. He strongly believes this is the reason we are dealing with a lot of environmental issues today. Driven by a desire to reconnect humanity to nature and preserve our environment, JJ decided to apply his entrepreneurial experience for a cause he knew was much bigger than himself. With Sarah, his aligned partner in business and life, they opened Zero Waste Store, embarking on a mission to preserve mother earth as we know her. 

When Sarah Met JJ

Sarah & JJ met at a time when they both felt unhappy with where they were in their professional careers. Sarah felt like her job limited her full ability to protect a planet that she so dearly loved. And JJ, who had recently left his life in corporate America, was struggling to find a way to maximize his own impact for the good of the environment. They were just two ordinary people trying to create extraordinary change for a world that desperately needed it. So naturally, when Sarah and JJ’s life paths crossed, their life missions seamlessly merged. JJ’s entrepreneurial spirit & internet expertise, coupled with Sarah’s environmental knowledge & passion for nature, were the very things they had both been searching for: a partner in life, a partner in business, and a partner in saving the planet. From this match made in heaven, created by love for the earth, Zero Waste Store was born.

“We wanted to create something
that we could feel good about.”

“We wanted to create something that we could feel good about.”

Sarah & JJ noticed how essentially every big company was in business solely to seek profits, paying no regard toward sustaining the planet. And most people aren’t even aware that such large-scale damage occurs every day, right in front of their very own eyes. But in order to wake people up to the environmental madness all around them, they knew they would have to find a way to make a sustainable lifestyle available to everyone. Thus, their desire to do more for the environment inspired them to create the Zero Waste Store, a trusted platform for consumers to find mission-driven brands and low waste product swaps!

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