11 Best Zero Waste Skincare Products of 2022 That Are Women Owned

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The best zero waste skincare products of 2022 are women-owned, luxurious, affordable, and good for the planet! 

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It’s phenomenal to see the number of zero waste skincare products in 2022 compared to even just five years ago! 

Caring for the environment is in our blood — even long before the ZeroWasteStore was even a concept. Today, 76% of consumers are focused on purchasing more sustainable beauty products which means we get to not only save our beautiful planet, but find other small businesses who feel the same and make environmentally-friendly products. 

That’s what we call a win-win. 

But before we get into the best zero waste skincare products of 2022, we want to cover a couple other important points that will help you make better decisions in the future. 

What Are Zero Waste Skincare Products?

We think the true definition of zero waste is kind of impractical and pretty much impossible for the everyday person. So instead, we like to use zero waste as a guide to creating more responsible lifestyle choices and facilitating environmentally responsible behaviors. 

When we talk about zero waste skincare products, we’re looking at a myriad of things: 

  • Can the product be refilled or used for multiple purposes? 
  • Is the container recyclable or made from recycled materials? 
  • Can the container be upcycled into something else?
  • Are the ingredients locally sourced or organic? 
  • Were any animals harmed in the making of this product (we’re looking at you silk)
  • Does the company use renewable energy? 
  • Does the company have ethical practices and pay their employees fair wages? 

By answering these questions with every vendor we look at, we can get a good idea of who’s greenwashing and who’s nailing it. 

What To Consider When Shopping For Zero Waste Skincare Products

When you’re looking for zero waste or more sustainable skincare products, keep these factors at the forefront and do a little detective work. 

Multi-Purpose Products

Not only do multi-purpose products save you money, using less products means consuming less packaging meaning less ends up in a landfill.

Plastic-Free/Recycled Packaging

Plastic is the public enemy #1 yet in 2020, the skincare and cosmetic industry in the United States racked up 120 billion units of plastic packaging. Of that, about 70% ends up in a landfill. 

Look for skincare products that come in biodegradable/compostable packaging, refillable, or glass and stainless steel which can be 100% recycled and made into something new. 

It’s important to make sure the entire process from the product itself to it arriving on your doorstep is plastic-free. 

Fair Labor Practices

Look for companies who talk about their employees and confirm that they are working a ‘normal’ set of hours each week and getting paid at minimum, market value for their time. 

Locally Sourced Or Ethical & Fair Trade Ingredients

Look out for where companies are getting their products from. We love to see relationships with local farmers, gardeners, beekeepers, and the like for ingredients. 

This supports the local economy, local farmers, and gives you quality ingredients.

Giving Back

It’s important to look at what a company does with their profits. It’s one thing to say you care about the planet, it’s another to be a member of 1% for the planet, or a Certified B corp, or to donate to local and environmental charities. 

Zero Waste Skincare Products For Your Face

A cleansing balm that can be used AM/PM or as a makeup remover.

Made of: This vegan, cruelty-free balm uses ground apricot seeds for the exfoliant.

Packaging: Glass jar with an aluminum lid that can be recycled or upcycled. All UpCircle marketing material is made from paper that used to be coffee cups.

Giving Back: UpCircle is plastic-negative meaning they’ve pulled more plastic out of the ocean than they’ve used.

Shop UpCircle Beauty

Fat and the Moon All Cream

This multi-purpose cream can be used AM/PM on face or body.

Purpose: It tones, calms, moisturizes, nourishes, protest, heals, and cools.

Packaging: Plastic-free in a glass jar with aluminum lid that can be upcycled or recycled.

Shop Fat and the Moon

PĀPR Cosmetics The Everything Stick 

This multi-purpose gem can be used under eyes, on lips, or on body.

Purpose: It hydrates, regenerates, fights wrinkles and acne, protects, & delivers antioxidants.

Packaging: It is packaged plastic-free, biodegradable & compostable.

Gives Back: For every tree used, PAPR plants a new one!

Shop Papr Cosmetics

Activist Skincare

Say goodbye to all other products and create a 4-step routine with Activist (Cleanse, Hydrate, Treat, Moisturize).

Packaging: Products arrive in a glass container and are refillable. Refills are made from a lightweight plastic BUT have a lower footprint than glass. They reduce waste, materials, shipping emissions and do not need padding like glass does. The pouches CAN be recycled through TerraCycle.

Gives Back: They donate 5% of their revenue to environmental organizations.

Shop Activist Skincare

Zero Waste Essentials Gua Sha

A Gua Sha is a facial massage tool rooted in ancient Chinese medicine

Purpose: Using a GuaSha can help reduce inflammation, puffiness, remove tension, and even help with built up sinus pressure! 

Packaging: 100% plastic-free, always.

Gives Back: With every purchase a percentage of profits are donated to an AAPI organization.

Shop Gua Sha

Zero Waste Skincare Products For Your Face

Noniko Skin Zero Waste Deodorant

Refillable, zero waste deodorant that contains no aluminum! 

Made of: Only 6 natural ingredients with options for sensitive skin!

Packaging: Refills are plastic-free and made from stainless steel and sent back to Noniko to be cleaned and reused.

Shop Noniko Skin

Plaine Products Body Lotion

This hydrating moisturizing from Plaine Products is refillable! 

Made of: Aloe is the first ingredient instead of water and you can feel the difference! 

Packaging: It comes in an aluminum bottle which is sent back when you receive your refill. The bottle is sanitized, refilled, and can be endlessly recycled! The pump is plastic but refills can be ordered with a stainless steel lid.

Gives Back: Plaine Products is a 1% for the planet member & Certified B Corp!

Shop Plaine Products

Live Like You Green It Lavender Body Butter

Black Women Owned

This butter blend can be used on hands, body, face, and provides eczema relief.

Made of: This blend of 3 ultra-hydrating butters mixed uses only vegan, organic, and wild harvested ingredients.

Packaging: Plastic-free packaging in glass jars that can be recycled or upcycled.

Shop Live Like You Green It

Zero Waste Skincare Products — Makeup

Izzy Zero Waste Mascara

100% Reusable, 100% Recyclable Zero Waste Mascara.

Packaging: Return your mascara in a provided prepaid (reusable) mailer. Each tube will be sanitized and recycled up to 10,000 times! Even the water used to sanitize the tubes is reused instead of being tossed out.

Gives Back: A portion of each purchase is donated to 3 organizations.

Shop Izzy Zero Waste Beauty

Blue Heron Botanicals

Zero Waste Lip Balm with tinted and non-tinted, vegan, and non-vegan options.

Packaging: Plastic-free, biodegradable and compostable packaging made in a solar powered facility that runs on renewable energy! 

Gives Back: A portion of every purchase is donated to save turtle hatchlings.

Shop Blue Heron Botanicals


From foundation, to blush, eyes, and lips Trestique has it all. Every product is multi-purpose and refillable! 

Packaging: Products are recyclable — You can drop your refills in any Credo store in the US or mail it back and they will see that it’s recycled. 

Giving Back: Trestique reduced their virgin plastic usage by 90%+! 

Shop Trestique


Latina, Women-Owned

These multi-use vegan balmies can be used on lips, cheeks, eyes, or anywhere else you want color! 

Packaging: The boxes are made by women from recycled trash collected in Bali. The paper around the balmies is recycled paper that can be composted or recycled after use.

Gives Back: Axiology keeps their products free from animal by-products and donates to animal welfare organizations.

Shop Axiology

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