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Toothpaste Tablets
Jeri Rasmussen
I like it

Its a shocking taste at first but after using it for 3 months you realize how chemically toothpaste tastes and how much it lingers. The tablets are also more convenient and less messy. I see other reviews about the mess in the sink but a splash of water and its gone, even with the charcoal.

Less guilt

I absolutely love these! The toughest swap for my husband to make was the sponge he used to wash dishes. I figured I’d give these a try and he didn’t even notice a difference! I love them and feel great about using them and not creating waste. I have noticed that they bleed yellow for quite a few washes, but I’m ok with that.

Smell awesome

I have the opposite of curly hair but wanted to try this out anyway. It smells awesome and works as well as the others. I did notice that this particular conditioner bar caused my hair to be greasier than any of the others. I still love it though.

Smell awesome!

I don’t have curly hair, but I wanted to try this shampoo bar out anyway. It smells amazing and leaves my hair feeling great!

Works so well

Really proud of how well this item works and better assists me in reducing my waste

Good floss

It sometimes unravels a bit, but overall it's good floss

Bamboo Hair Brush
Michelle Dam
Great Brush

Works well and is great quality. No complaints.

This conditioner bar made my hair so silky!

I love the Lotus shampoo bar but it definitely needs the Lotus conditioner bar to help make your hair silky smooth. I have straight/wavy, kind of frizzy, thin hair and this conditioner leaves my hair feeling so soft. Not only does it do wonders for my hair but it also smells amazing!

Love this shampoo bar!

I've never tried shampoo bars before but I was very interested. I talked with the customer service at zero waste and they helped me pick the best shampoo and conditioner bars for my hair type. I have straight/wavy, somewhat frizzy, thin hair and the lotus shampoo/conditioner was perfect! Not only does it smell incredible but it lathers so well and left my hair so silky. I am a complete convert to the lotus shampoo/conditioner bars!

Does not at all live up to description

Phenomenal product idea, but these are just small cotton squares being sold at an extraordinarily high price. They don't do a particularly great job of picking up messes, don't stick to the roll, and come out of the wash in a stained and crumpled ball. Now I have these tiny, dingy dish towels taking up space in my drawers. Again, kudos on a nice concept, but the execution leaves much to be desired.

Best investment!

I was hesitant about trying this razor because I had read that they were tricky to use and very sharp, but I LOVE it! The short youtube video tutorial was excellent and the razor does a really good job of giving me a close shave. I never feel like I have to go over an area more than once because the blades are sharp and it comes with ten replacement blades that I can send back to the company! No more plastic razors! The shaving soap smells great too :) Awesome product!

Great scent, works well!

I absolutely love this shampoo!! It has the most amazing scent and it lathers really well. I will never go back to conventional shampoo ever again.

Smells wonderful

I love this shampoo! It works well with my oily prone hair. Well made. I wouldn't go back to a bottle, liquid shampoo.

Work Well

These coffee filters work well and I haven't noticed a difference in the taste or quality of my coffee. There isn't an easy way to clean these other than emptying it over the garbage can and getting as much of the grounds out before rinsing it in the sink. Other than that I have no issues with this product.

Great quality soap dispenser

This bottle is beautiful and pretty great quality!

Awesome shampoo

Awesome shampoo, lathers great and lasts a long time! My hair looks really healthy and shiny.

Lemon paper towels

Loved them they work amazing and r adorable


I use this with the shampoo. The duo is perfect for oily scalps and dry ends. Smells amazing and the conditioner seems to hydrate my ends really well.

Really: A Plastic cap?

I haven't tried the sunscreen yet, but I was very disappointed to see that it comes with a plastic cap. The whole idea is to avoid plastic, right? I am not sure what alternatives there are, but I know that David's toothpaste suggests that when you re-order, you say "No Top" and you can re-use the old one. I would hope that this sunscreen brand will do the same.

Thanks for the feedback! The sunscreen does include a plastic cap for sanitation purposes, but we do also offer the same sunscreen in a metal tin that is 100% plastic free :)


This stuff works magic!!!!! I am a 45 year old mother of 4 boys, so under eye bags have become something I have delt with for awhile. I also have sensitive skin so many products I have tried are really irritating especially around the eyes. This stuff is AMAZING!!! I use it twice a day and can notice a difference, my eyes are brighter underneath and I look like I have slept for ages. I would highly recommend, and I will be purchasing more, well worth the money!!!!!!!

Perfumed top and straw changes taste of water

I've put the top of the tumbler and the straw in the dishwasher twice and soaked it overnight, but it still smells like perfume. This changes the taste of the water too, I don't know what else to try but as is it's unusable. The tumbler is nice but without the lid it's not as useful as I hoped it would be.

Hi Kendra, that is odd! Was your order packaged with any of our soap or shampoo bars? That could be the reason. We recommend soaking in diluted vinegar and that should do the trick :)

Natural Toothpaste

Blossom Shampoo Bar
Bridget Burke
Best scalp soothing shampoo - the condition is difficult to use

I just reordered the shampoo. I love it. The conditioner is hard to use. That's why I gave 4 stars intead of 5. I wish it came in a softer bar that produced more lather. As it is, it is difficult to get enough lather from the conditioner bar to get through my hair which is shoulder length. But the soap I love!

friggin love it

smells amazeballs, makes my hair shiny and soft and lovely for days. super worthwhile buy!