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Not that great

This bag is alright as a general laundry bag for keeping delicate items separate in a wash load. It is not at all functional for its advertised purpose. I’ve used it for about a dozen washes, and none have produced any microfibers within the bag. I assume that if anyone else has seen the advertised results, their bag is different than mine in some way.

Hand Soap Paste
Ali Dvorak

Hand Soap Paste

Which bar did you purchase?: Peppermint Breeze
How would you describe your hair?: Wavy (Fine//Some Waves)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Greying
Great Shampoo

The shampoo bar is absolutely wonderful. It lathers up real fast. I only wish the conditioner was as fast as the shampoo at lathering up. It takes a little longer to get the conditioner all over my hair. And I usually go through two conditioner bars for every one shampoo bar

Love having this option

Love having this option- This is the only company that I know of who give you this option and I think it's so important. Thank you!

Good lather but doesn't last

I really liked the way this block lathered up, but it melted disappointingly fast, especially given the price (and I had it on a soap lift).

Good Sponge!

So soft and sturdy! I love this sponge!

Good texture, clean teeth

A great zero waste toothpaste. Foaming, cleans well and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. It’s a little pricey but Its a great the reusable tin.

good once you get used to them

i got the charcoal tablets and they are bitter but they do a good job! i dont mind it once i got used to them

5 stars

i LOVE this travel tin its the perfect size and the soap lift is so helpful

Love it

i was really happy with this purchase! it fits so much stuff without feeling like its going to bust plus its cute :)

Dish Washing Block
Noel E Skocko

I love that I can use less soap and water in order to get my dishes just as clean.

Love this bar shampoo

Smells good and the bar last for months


Smells so good but is hard to my skin. But is good

Love them

Love the shampoo and conditioner, they smell great, leave my hair soft and manageable and best of all, NO plastic bottles!

Smells wonderful!

The shampoo and conditioner smell great & seems to do well with my hair and most importantly, NO plastic!!

Best ever

I am shocked at how well these work. The shampoo bar lathers better than many other shampoos I’ve tried, and leaves my hair soft and clean. The conditioner bar takes some time to use because it does not lather, but it works well! I will never go back to bottles.

Which bar did you purchase?: Simply
How would you describe your hair?: Straight (Thick/Course)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Frizz, Oil/Grease

Shampoo Bar - Simply - Zero Waste Shampoo - 75+ Washes, All Hair Types, 3.0oz, Vegan, SLS Free, Unscented

Too oily

I have the same problem with this product as with their day oil. It is so oily it takes too long to soak into my skin that I end up not using it so I don't get oil all over my pillow when I go to bed. But it may just not be the right product for my face and would work for someone else with a different skin type. I typically have combination skin that leans on the dry side.

Hi Melody,

Thanks so much for your support. We are sorry this product has not work as intended for you. If you're not already, our suggestion is to use a pea size amount or smaller and dab into cleanses skin with clean hands. If your skin is more combination you may want to dab the oil only in the dry areas on face instead of using as all over. If you allow to set 5-10 minutes before lay down it shouldn't transfer on your sheets. If you continue to have problems or any questions please feel free to email our team at Thank you so much!

The best thing you will ever put on your face

This shroom serum is absolutely the best thing I have ever put on my face! I historically have hated doing skincare, but this product actually made me excited to wash, moisturize, and nourish my skin. My only complaint is that it soaks in so well and I love it so much that I used it regularly and it got used up really quickly! Would put it all over my face, neck, and collar bones. You could probably use it on your hands as well. It makes you feel luxurious and gorgeous!

My favorite moisturizer from an Eco brand!

This is absolutely my favorite moisturizer from any of the eco brands I have tried! It soaks into your skin well, keeps it hydrated, and makes your face feel lovely, soft, and like it's being healed/rejuvenated. I only have one other moisturizer that I like as well as this and it's not from an eco brand so I won't buy it anymore. Even though the cost of this is high for me right now, it is comparable or maybe even less expensive than the non-eco friendly moisturizer that I like.

Not sure

I haven't been able to decide it I like this product or not. It seems like over the long term it could improve my skin, however it is so oily that I have to wait quite a while for it to soak into my skin before I can put makeup on. So I've just not ended up using it consistently. This just may not be the right product for my skin type but might work for someone else.

So clean and fresh!

I love this cleanser and tonic. I use it after using a eco makeup remover, and it leaves my face feeling clean and invigorated! I will definitely purchase again!

High quality but didn't work for me.

This razor is very high quality, nice to handle, and the cutting power is almost too powerful. It disassembles and cleans easily and the head is smooth on the legs while shaving. However, it did not work for me. I am slender and more bony around the ankles, feet, and joints, and the blade was too sharp such that I was constantly knicking and cutting my self when I tried to use this razor. But to be fair, that has happened with every brand of safety razor I have tried. My husband uses a safety razor on his face and has no issues, and I gave this one to my brother-in-law who now uses it and he says he gets a very tight, clean, and smooth shave. So this razor may work well for men or for people with more flesh on them than I have, but it just didn't work for me.

Don't work well

I did not personally like these. They didn't hold or disperse the soap well, they lacked scrubbing power, and almost within the first use started leaving coconut fibers all over the dishes, sink, everything. In the past I have used a natural loofa sponge which works wonderfully so I will be going back to those. These scrubbers were so inefficient that I had to just throw the rest of them in the compost, a feature which is probably the only good thing about them.

Hi Melody, thank you so much for your review. We are sorry you weren't fully satisfied with this product. Our customer service team will reach out to you shortly :)