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pretty and practical

I like them a lot. After two years, my first ones are curling on the sides a bit and they are a little looser, but this way they actually work better for me (they are still elastic!). Just bought a back-up. The 'ginger' colors are my favorite (I am not a ginger. ;))

So convenient!

Such a great find since we can store this so much easier in our tiny apartment and we don’t have to lug around a huge bottle of soap to the laundry room anymore! Love the convenience and works great!

Love this sunscreen! Packaging leaks at times

I really love this product. While thick, it absorbs into my skin after a few minutes and sufficiently moisturizes during the summer. A little goes a LONG way. I need to pair it with another moisturizer in the winter. I love the packaging, but if you fold it down really tightly, it can puncture the foil. I've adjusted by not squeezing it hard until I'm near the end.

Best single edge razor

Simply the best single edge razor out there. I've tried every kind of razor - single edge giving the best, smoothest shave possible (more blades don't help). By design, ease of loading and results, you can't go wrong with the Twig. I've used other single edge razors and by far, this is the best.

ZWS Stickers
Molly H.
Love the wooden sticker!

Looks great on my water bottle. Now I only want to buy wood stickers

Love this chapstick!

Looove this chapstick! I couldn’t decide on a scent but ended up with orange. The tube is easy to push up. I’ll definitely be buying more!

Perfect bundle

I’m sooo happy I got the Zero Waste Shower Bundle. The soap dish is so beautiful, I love the way it looks in my shower. I’m a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner bars. They work so well and smell amazing!

Great product!

I love using this product for everyday makeup. The color are perfect! And I feel good inside for support small business!

Just the solution for absolute zero soap bar waste!

I have tried to fashion my own soap saver bags but without much success. The Agave Soap Saver Bag is made of a durable material that allows the soap to suds well. The bag will hold a full bar of soap along with bits and pieces, too, so that no soap is wasted. I hang my bag at the utility sink for quick access.

Zero Waste Dish Brush Kit
Marissa Tompkins

I got my dish brush set in the mail today & I am so happy I made this purchase!! The cup brush fits perfectly into all of my glasses, the veggie brush fits comfortably in my hand, and I LOVE that the long handled brush has a replaceable head! I can't wait to try these out with the vegan dish soap block I bought to match with this great set of brushes!

Terra Ties Hair Ties
Samantha Wilcox

I like these hair ties but I have found they stretch out fast.

No Complaints

I saw other reviews saying it was chalky and came apart. I was scared mine would be like that so I tried to push out the smallest section possible so i wouldn’t make it crumble. It didn’t crumble at all! It was cold weather and it held together pretty well, but i think others should try warming it up a litte bit to remelt the butter ingredients or maybe they were pressing it too hard upon application…

Not waterproof but wasn’t expecting it to be. Smells like cocoa, shea butter and that makeup smell most products have.

I used it as bronzer and as eyeshadow. Both held up pretty well after a day of shopping. Im hispanic and have a lighter tan skin and i liked how it looked, I could’ve easily applied too much because of the pigment. My white friend with more translucent skin didn’t like it on her skin, it was way too dark.

The picture and video are taken in yellow lighting.

Love every brush!

I love this set, the different roughness of each one is very convenient for all different surfaces and messes. I held out on getting these for way too long.

Soap lift

I also love the soap lift for use in my shower dish, keeps the bars dry when not using them and they don’t slide off anymore!

Love it!

I love using a beauty tool that is sustainable and eco friendly to the environment.

Which bar did you purchase?: Seaside
How would you describe your hair?: Straight (Thick/Course)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Itchy Scalp/Dandruff, Oil/Grease

I love this Conditioner bar. Previously, I have used Lush's pressed-conditioner, but the bar ended up crumbling as it got smaller.
For those who are new, it does take some time to get used to, but I think it's worth the effort; combination of rubbing it on your hair and getting some residue on your hands.
Personally, my technique of using the conditioner bar first on my wet hair before washing it out with my shampoo bar has been the most effective so far; I try not to wash my hair everyday, and so far, my hair doesn't get super oily until the 4th day max.

Worth the switch

If you’re looking for flowery scents this isn’t for you but if you want something natural smelling that actually works and doesn’t leave you smelling like patchouli then this is the scent for you. Long lasting, suds well, feels great after wards. With every scent… which it doesn’t cost many.

Which bar did you purchase?: Sunshine
How would you describe your hair?: Coily (Z-Shape/Zig Zag)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Dryness, Frizz, Damage, Thinning Hair

I got the sunshine shampoo and earth conditioner and the ginger and cinnamon chai body wash bar. I can’t even begin to explain how good the sunshine bar smells and how soft and healthy my hair is from the conditioner bar. Plus I have to use less than I do my normal conditioner. I’m mixed race with hair that is always somewhere between 4a and 4c hair. So works even for my ethnic ladies as far as my experience goes. And the body wash bar leaves me smelling like me. Not a bunch of chemicals or oils or still feeling icky. Especially in my armpits. I work out a lot, I’m over 30 with 3 kids and stress sweat and this just makes all the gross feelings go away. So far they’re lasting great. Basically the same shape and size as when I got them about 3 weeks ago so can’t say how long they truly last but I’m guessing at 4 showers a week, once or twice shampooing and conditioning every shower and using the bar as a face soap and refresher in between showers like I do…. I’m fairly certain these bars will last about 4-6 months. Again that’s math based on my bathing rituals and body size and hair lengths and needs. So probably if you use more frequently or have more ground to cover or just really like to lather you can get at least 2 months out of these. Moderate user myself will update when I run out for the first time. Overall I’m entirely pleased. Definitely get the soap saver bag for the body wash and the container for the shampoo. The conditioner won’t fit in it but I personally think a second one for the conditioner would be too much. So like a soap lift or holder. I’d also buy 2 conditioners for hair that needs more moisture and love.


Love the concept, love the packaging, cleaning my clothes well.
But, they smell pungent!
My clothes are left with an unpleasant cooked fish aroma. My significant other was the one who caught wind (literally said EW BABE WHAT IS THAT), of the smell on my clothes. So it is something other people will notice.
I don't know if I got a bad batch, or this is how they smell, but even when just opening the bag I can smell the unpleasant odor.
Anyone else??

So far so good

The pump fits on an empty maple syrup bottle for my liquid dish soap. So far, no rusting and pumps without problems.


Love this product, it’s unobtrusive, hardly noticeable in the shower and doesn’t collect water or soap scum.

Which bar did you purchase?: Sunshine
How would you describe your hair?: Straight (Thin/Fine)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Oil/Grease
Best shampoo bar ever!

This shampoo bar is fantastic! It leaves my hair soft, shiny, clean & smelling great! I got the travel tin & will definitely be packing this shampoo bar for my upcoming travels! Highly recommend.

Best shampoo bar ever!

This shampoo bar is fantastic! It leaves my hair soft, shiny, clean & smelling great! I got the travel tin & will definitely be packing this shampoo bar for my upcoming travels! Highly recommend.

So much better than imagined!

The flexibility of brush bristles clean nooks and crannies much better than a plastic scrubber. Easily replaceable head holds just the right amount of soap for light or heavy cleaning. I love the look of natural materials in my kitchen.

My dog’s favorite toy

We have a 1 year old corgi that loves to chew and goes through his toys WAY too fast! This became his FAVORITE toy. It’s super hard and he loves chewing it and it’s lasted much longer than any other toy we’ve bought. Definitely buying another as soon as he’s done with it.