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Petal Pearl Earrings

Best shampoo bar

This is by far my favorite scent/oil blend of shampoo bar! It suds very nicely and has a strong but not overwhelming peppermint smell. This is great for making the scalp feel healthy, especially in the drying winter moths.


I’m very satisfied with this bag. I can take it anywhere and everywhere! The material is pretty good, easy to clean and the bag has more than enough space for my lab-top! I’m so happy that they have such cute and efficient environmentally friendly items on this website!

Comfy undies!

Not only are these beautiful colors but they are soft and comfortable! Just love them!

Love them!

Practical, come in a cute storage container, and I'm so happy I can compost them!


I bought this because I thought it would be similar to glossier's body hero bar. This bar didn't have the same exfoliating feel that glossier's does but it was very refreshing and kept my skin soft afterwards. It was similar to using a tea tree body product.

Pretty good!

Can’t say I’m someone who’s ever been too picky about floss, but this is pretty decent. I do feel like it’s going to break every time I use it BUT IT HASNT. So, it’s pretty strong! Saving all my pieces in a bag to eventually bury, will update about how it decomposes.

Shipping Insurance

Shipping Insurance

Perfect for travel!

Ordered 2 tins and they perfectly fit my shampoo bars! I was sent both tins without the insert but I emailed the company and they sent them in the mail immediately. Great service and great product!

Reusable Beeswax Wraps 4-Pack

Good toothbrush

Nice and simple bamboo toothbrush. It's a good size and has a bit of a curve to it to help making brushing easier. Bristles are quite soft, but still firm enough to get a good clean. Only small problem I have with it is that the head is bigger than most brushes I've used, but I got used to it with in a day

Moisturizing & long lasting

This product is very moisturizing and didn’t require me to reapply multiple times throughout the day. The color is beautiful and the container is sturdy as well.

Perfect go to bag!

I love the quality and flexibility that this bag offers! It has more than enough space for my lab top and books!

These are the best

I bought set last year on a whim. I loved them. I bought regular paper towels for really gross messes. But I found that I didn't need them. After the fross mess, just rinse, let dry and throw into the wash. This year I bought a set of 12 both in gray and white.
They are perfect. I have not bought regular paper towels since.
My advice: Buy them. Use them. You'll love them.

Great product and subscription option is much appreciated.

Dissolves into your skin

Super soft and silky, goes right into your skin. Not oily, but doesn't leave your skin dry after where you have to keep re-applying. It's great for mixing with foundations the way I like to to make them less heavy and cakey and also keeps my skin from getting that dryness that can sometimes happen after foundation (I had brown dry-prone skin so any dryness is ashey and shows through foundation, so I try to avoid that as much as possible with a good base moisturizer). This is my favorite go to face cream. For me, it is worth the price.

great for spills and to be used as napkins!

great for spills and to be used as napkins! i have washed them a few times as well and they have held up!

Love this floss

Love this floss! It really does it’s job well. It gets in all the grooves, doesn’t break, and is so cute with its little glass jar. I only wish it was slightly bigger. But I will be buy the refills !

Neem Wood Comb

Stopped my itchy scalp

I tried out the Sunshine bar for awhile, and it made my entire head itch like crazy. I tried this Harvest bar out and it was life changing. Stopped the itch and it smells absolutely amazing. Will continue to buy this set.

Great fit and protection

I love the new Saalt period underwear. I combine them with my Saalt Soft Cup to make my periods waste free. I use the underwear at the beginning and the end of my period, and I just wish I had 2 pairs not one.
I am 5’5” and 120 lbs. and got a size Small. I typically wear a small (2-4) in pants/bottoms and these fit great!

They do the job

My husband is the chef in the house. Makes amazing food and amazing messes. In the process of cooking/cleaning he used to use a shoot ton of paper towels. We stopped buying paper towels at one point and we replaced those with hand towels which were problematic because of how heavyweight they were. They got stained and made them more difficult to clean. I found these and tried out a six-pack and the ease of use along with their lightweight nature made it much more manageable in the kitchen and for cleaning around the house. So I bought 24 more. We both feel they do the job, are easy to manage/clean and we don't stain all our handtowels now. They do leave some lint behind sometimes and don't soak as much for heavier duty jobs, but you can just double up for those.