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Smells great and gets the job done

I've been using the Kind laundry strips for the last year or two and wanted to try out the ZWS version-- it gets my laundry just as clean, smells nice, and is a few dollars cheaper! Bonus, the sheets are way less messy than liquid or powder detergent and the box is small and easy to stash in my tiny laundry room.

All purpose brush

Had a feeling I would love this brush, good thing I got two! I use it to clean the tub/dishes/sink/some pans. The bristles are softer than it looks and doesn’t scratch my le cruset dutch oven. It holds up well and cleans well, would definitely recommend this sustainable product!

Love it

I bought the imperfect bar and I love it. Simple packaging (wrapped in brown packing paper), easy to use. I use it to wash my hands, dishes, and baby bottles as well! I especially love using it for baby bottles (with bare hands bc it’s not harmful to your skin) because it’s great at washing milk residues/films.

Love this deodorant

I love the scent of this deodorant so much, and it’s much less oily than a lot of the other natural deodorants I’ve used. I put it on before a 6 mile hike in 85 degree weather and smelled perfectly fine afterward. Will but again!

My favorite face oil

This is my favorite product from Linear Beauty and one that I will use for the rest of my life. I have sensitive skin and occasional eczema and this oil doesn't irritate my skin. It moisturizes and smells nice and earthy. It does stain slightly when fresh since it has turmeric but other than that I love it!

Bamboo Cotton Buds
Eco Friendly
Like it

They look and feel like the real thing... except they're eco-friendly!

I LOVE this floss

I tried SO many terrible compostable flosses before I found this product. It is super sturdy (doesn't shred at ALL while you're flossing) and is super lightweight and fine, unlike most other compostable flosses that feel like you're flossing with a piece of rope. I've ordered this a couple of times already, it's now my go-to dental floss.

Hand Soap Paste
Eco Friendly
Works wonders

I love this concentrate. I have the unscented version, which still has a fresh smell of soap. I added some peppermint oil because that's what I have in hand. The paste can also make me 8 bottles of hand wash!

So far, so good!

I have only used it once so far, and found that it was a great alternative to plastic wrap! But it was a little hard for me to warm up to activate stickiness.

Which bar did you purchase?: Sunkissed
How would you describe your hair?: Straight (Thick/Course)
What are your largest concerns when it comes to your hair? : Dryness, Damage
I'm picky but this is salon quality

Let me start off by saying I. Am. Picky. when it comes to hair products. I have tried most shampoo and conditioners under the sun, including a few high end salon brands- which are always my favorite but I could never afford on a regular basis. But these. THESE. Are a thing of beauty. This a SALON QUALITY product. (Please never change your price, ZWS!) I used to pay $20 for a shampoo of this quality. I have a LOT of long, color treated, mostly straight (sometimes wavy) FINE hair. I try not to wash my hair more than once every 3 days, and when using dry shampoo I go for longer.
These bars have...
-best lather of any shampoo I've tried
-leave you with ZERO build up, and they get rid of alllll the grease and grime you may have from other products
-my hair has NEVER felt silkier, cleaner, brighter, or shinier (and I live in a place with VERY hard water)
-pleasant, not overpowering scent
I've come to realize I prefer the ACT of using liquid conditioner better, but I LOVE THE RESULTS OF THIS CONDITIONER BAR. You just need to have patience as you learn how to use it. There are days I don't even use a detangler spray anymore because the conditioner is SO great. And for a gal with lots of long, tangled, bleached hair- that is amazing
Salon Brands are going to be challenged by this and I hope this brings them to create solid, plastic free versions of their products.
I'm ordering the Maui Melon next for a change in scent, but continuation of hydrating qualities. Thank you ZWS for making this product an accessible price with allllll the eco benefits. ps: look into how ZWS ships their products. This company is TRAILblazing.

So cute

Super cute and helpful. I garden in the city and have saved so many bees with this. The vial did break so I purchased a replacement which was easy and arrived quick.

Perfect lid

I love this wide mouth lid. I use it on a glass mason jar that I use at home. Perfect for keeping cat’s heads out of my water! Holds a straw nicely. Easy to clean. I have more than one.

Great straw pack!

I love the sturdiness of these straws. Beautiful colors. And of course zero waste, that’s the goal!

Great product

I bought this because I find my skin to get extremely dry and so I bought this as part of my moisturizer product. I use it every night and since I’ve been using it I can tell my skin is much healthier and it feels so much better now!

Lifetime razor

I assume based on the materials and build quality that this could be my last razor l I will need. Love that blades can be sent back to be recycled! Already owned a set, bought this as a gift so this person can hopefully stop buying disposable razors.

Works well!

Kinda fell in love with this deodorant by chance. Didn’t work out for my spouse so I started to use it because my usual Fat in the Moon deodorant started to irritate me which happens on and off time to time(probably the acidity from baking soda). Now Im a fan and will definitely purchase again.

pretty and practical

I like them a lot. After two years, my first ones are curling on the sides a bit and they are a little looser, but this way they actually work better for me (they are still elastic!). Just bought a back-up. The 'ginger' colors are my favorite (I am not a ginger. ;))

Great brush!

I’m an avid wet brush user but I’ve have to replace it a few times now. This brush works just as well and I love how big it is for maximum coverage combing my hip-length hair!

Tru Earth Laundry Strips - Eco-Strips Laundry Detergent, All Natural Laundry Detergent, 32 Loads
So convenient!

Such a great find since we can store this so much easier in our tiny apartment and we don’t have to lug around a huge bottle of soap to the laundry room anymore! Love the convenience and works great!

Reef-Safe Sunscreen Tube SPF 30
Love this sunscreen! Packaging leaks at times

I really love this product. While thick, it absorbs into my skin after a few minutes and sufficiently moisturizes during the summer. A little goes a LONG way. I need to pair it with another moisturizer in the winter. I love the packaging, but if you fold it down really tightly, it can puncture the foil. I've adjusted by not squeezing it hard until I'm near the end.

Best single edge razor

Simply the best single edge razor out there. I've tried every kind of razor - single edge giving the best, smoothest shave possible (more blades don't help). By design, ease of loading and results, you can't go wrong with the Twig. I've used other single edge razors and by far, this is the best.

ZWS Stickers
Molly H.
Love the wooden sticker!

Looks great on my water bottle. Now I only want to buy wood stickers

Love this chapstick!

Looove this chapstick! I couldn’t decide on a scent but ended up with orange. The tube is easy to push up. I’ll definitely be buying more!

Perfect bundle

I’m sooo happy I got the Zero Waste Shower Bundle. The soap dish is so beautiful, I love the way it looks in my shower. I’m a huge fan of the shampoo and conditioner bars. They work so well and smell amazing!

Great product!

I love using this product for everyday makeup. The color are perfect! And I feel good inside for support small business!