ZeroWasteStore presents:

The Sustainable Squad

We’re You!

Behind every new product, beautiful photo, catchy email, product page, and everything else that makes ZeroWasteStore possible is a team of earth-loving, sustainable superstars!

We go positively bananas over the latest viral zero waste meme and are the first in line to try (and recommend) every new sustainable product.

Get to know the team working with you to reduce our waste!

ZWS Founders


The Earth Empress

Occupation: President & CEO of Zero Waste Store

Super Powers: A green inspiration for all, possesses the ability to inspire everyone to make a sustainable change

Weaknesses: Injured wildlife, harm to the planet

Hobbies: Spending time in her garden, bird-watching, grounding, hanging out with her dogs

Interesting Fact: Started selling her zero waste shampoo bars as her small way of doing better for the planet. This small act gave birth to what is now Zero Waste Store.

Favorite SwapsLotus Shampoo Bar, Mason Jar Straw Lid, Yay For Earth Lotion


Father Nature

Occupation: Co-founder of Zero Waste Store

Super Powers: Environmental visionary, master zero-waste motivator, expert computer coder, web guru

Weaknesses: Eco-harmful consumer products

Hobbies: Training Jiu-jitsu, meditating, spending time outdoors

Interesting Fact: Met Sarah at an environmental rally and it was sustainable love at first sight

Favorite Swaps: Leaf Pivoting Head Stainless Steel Razor

The Green Team


The Nurturer

Occupation: Customer Care

Super Powers: Willingness to help others, Mama-bear to all

Weaknesses: Unsatisfied customers, wasted products

Hobbies: Hanging out with my children, collecting succulents, drawing & painting

Interesting Fact: Was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, and moved to the US at the age of 15.

Favorite Swaps: Unpaper Towels, Pet Shampoo Bar


Mindful Chatterbox

Occupation: Customer Care

Super Powers: The gift of Gab, Master Recycler

Weaknesses: Littering, Recyclables in trash

Hobbies: Writing and performing skits

Interesting Fact: I was 'recycled' (adopted :))

Favorite Swaps: ZWS Sponge Cloths, Laundry Sheets


Sustainable Storyteller

Occupation: Sustainability Copywriter for Conscious Small Businesses

Super Powers: Cooking delicious meals using only on-hand ingredients; upcycling food waste before composting

Weaknesses: Greenwashing (it happens to all of us!), eco-anxiety & burnout, and overconsumption.

Hobbies: Writing, reading, looking at homes on real estate apps, and sustainability of course!

Interesting Fact: One of my goals is to have a useless farm complete with Alpacas, Cats, Silkie Chickens, a Goat, and a Cow. I’m a cold city-dweller who doesn’t actually spend all that much time in nature.

Favorite Swaps: Everything? Stasher Bags, Lip Therapy Balm, Safety Razor


Environmental Wordsmith

Occupation: Conscious copywriter for wellness brands & freelance magazine journalist

Super Powers: The ability to work anywhere but a desk, sniffing out the best coffee spots, and choosing words that inspire the most natural and sustainable way of doing things

Weaknesses: Inability to go anywhere without forgetting something, single-use coffee cups (spot the theme), and getting frustrated at copy that encourages impulse buying

Hobbies: Yoga and hiking and all the hippy things

Interesting Fact: I once convinced my family to do an ‘anything but wrapping paper’ challenge at Christmas, to get resourceful and save paper.

Favorite Swaps: Bamboo Hairbrush and Bamboo Toothbrush (big up the bamboo!)


Conscious Creator

Occupation: Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Super Powers: Making content more visually digestible

Weaknesses: Forgetting keys, seeing fruit peels on hiking trails, overbuying skincare products (sucker for sleek packaging)

Hobbies: Running, jewelry-making, all the homebody crafts

Interesting Fact: I have been hoarding empty coffee bags to upcycle into a woven basket (it's been two years)

Favorite Swaps: Mesh Produce Bags, Sponge Cloth, Stasher Sandwich Bags


Conscious Crafts(wo)man

Occupation: Product Photographer and Content Creator, Stay at Home Mom

Super Powers: Always learning about our environmental impact, loves making things beautiful

Weaknesses: Plastic toys and fast fashion

Hobbies: Baking, reading, thrifting, being outdoors with my little ones

Interesting Fact: I have never been successful at keeping garden plants alive, but I can somehow keep my house plants alive. 

Favorite Swaps: Sponge Cloth and Bamboo Pot Scrubber

The Green Team


Captain Zero

Occupation: Shipping Manager

Super Powers: Carbon Neutrality & Completely Compostable Body Armor

Weaknesses: Non-biodegradable Packaging Peanuts

Hobbies: Video games and working out

Interesting Fact: Is currently the undisputed warehouse ping pong champion.

Favorite Swaps: Bergamot and Lime Deodorant



Occupation: Inventory

Super Powers: Lightning-fast stocking prowess, super-human counting ability

Weaknesses: Listening to Tyler & Daniel argue about who is more sustainable.

Hobbies: Reading e-books on her tablet

Interesting Fact: Has inspired 17 people (and counting) within 3 months of joining the Green Parcels.

Favorite Swaps: Bamboo Utensil Set, Sunshine Shampoo & Conditioner Bars

ZWS Mascots

Jax & Kane