Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to be the Most Trusted Source for Top Sustainable Brands & Products for the Everyday Person.

Our Vision

We believe all positive changes starts from "ZERO" 

Our vision is to make the greenest choice the most convenient option every time for the everyday consumer so that a sustainable lifestyle can be accessible for everyone. At Zero Waste Store we strive to provide the world its most trusted online platform where a thriving community of eco-centric individuals can openly share & access environmental knowledge and green resources; where all people can confidently shop carefully vetted brands & low waste swaps with absolute ease.

We want to help you to start making positive changes! 1...2...3....

Gloved hands showing microplastics on the beach

Plastic Pollution

The cost & convenience that makes plastic so popular is why plastic pollution is such a big problem for the planet. Do a plastic audit of your home, and there’s a good chance you’d be surprised at the amount of plastic surrounding you. Water bottles, drinking straws, and grocery bags are among the obvious items that are easy to spot, but plastic can be found in your canned foods, clothes, cosmetics and many other areas of your home & life that you might not have expected. 

At Zero Waste Store, you can shop for all your reusable swaps in confidence, knowing that your purchase–and the package it comes in–will arrive at your doorstep plastic-free!  

Animal Rights

Of all the ways that careless consumerism harms the environment, our wildlife bears the brunt of its impact. The precious biodiversity on Earth is being threatened as more and more species inch closer and closer to extinction every day, due to human activity.   

 At Zero Waste Store, we believe that animals have as much of a right to live as they wish, just as humans do. So, when the call of the wild is a cry for help, we want to be there to answer. That’s why all ZWS products are closely vetted to make sure that everything we offer is made in an animal friendly manner. Not only that, but we proudly provide continuous support and donations to wildlife groups such as the Oceanic Preservation Society and Center for Biological Diversity.  

3 dolphins swimming through the ocean
Aerial view of deforestation


Together, we control the collective destiny of life on Earth. But for humanity to realize an environmentally sustainable tomorrow, we must do better to conserve precious natural resources today. Among the list of non-profit organizations that we support, Zero Waste Store donates regularly to such conservation groups as The Rainforest Trust and the Coral Restoration Foundation. We have also proudly partnered with Cloverly in an effort to offset shipping-related carbon emissions. To date, Zero Waste Store has diverted 12,000 lbs. of carbon from our atmosphere. 

Because at the Zero Waste Store, we don’t just strive to minimize any negative impact on the planet; we believe that maximizing our positive impact is just as important.

Unethical Labor & Manufacturing

Greenwashing is a deceptive way for solely profit-driven companies, who care nothing for environment, to sink their teeth in the growing green market. Like wolves in sheep’s clothing, greenwashed products are made to "look" eco-friendly, when they really are not. Most people don't have the time to research every product they wish to purchase is fair to the environment and the workers used to manufacture them–but we do! 

Zero Waste Store proudly carries the top green brands, making sure that all your ZWS swaps are ethically sourced & sustainably manufactured. 

Bottled cleaning products marketed as eco-friendly
A detail of a pile of natural loofah scrubbers

Sustainable & Ethical Ingredients

We are passionate about saving our planet. We spare no expense in resources and man-hours to ensure that our products are ethically sourced and nature-safe. Most people don't have the time to research every product they place in their shopping cart–but we do! At the Zero Waste Store, you can shop confidently knowing that every product & brand we carry has been carefully researched & vetted to be sourced and produced in an environmentally sustainable manner. 

Racial Justice

The one race that has the ability to save the planet is the human race; and the most important color on the planet to us should be green. It took a collective effort of the whole planet to create our current environmental issues, and Zero Waste Store understands that it will take a collective effort from people of all colors around the world to solve them. Zero Waste Store proudly supports sustainable brands that stand for racial equality. 

Arms raised in protest
A group of young people under a large rainbow flag during Pride

LGBTQ+ Rights

Tackling the major environmental challenges of today will take a collective effort from all types of people from every walk of life. Zero Waste Store believes that who you love has no bearing on how you love the planet, and we proudly support sustainable brands that stand for LGBTQ+ rights and equality for all. 

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a major global dilemma that the world seems a little uncomfortable talking about. But we consider this modern-day form of slavery a major environmental issue that we cannot afford to ignore. The spirit of the sustainability movement is deeply rooted in a shared appreciation for all life on Earth–including human life. Life is something to be cherished and protected. 

Through the Zero Waste Store platform, we can bring awareness to sex trafficking, forced labor, and child labor that often occurs in the manufacturing, commercial fishing, and agriculture industries in countries around the world. We cannot afford to turn our backs on such human suffering; because it is not just our actions–but also our inactions–that puts our humanity at risk. 

A man holding a sign in protest of human trafficking

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