The Ultimate Guide to Zero Waste Mother’s Day Gifts

From Mother Earth to Mothers of Earth, they're all mothers to us!

Forget trying to guess what she really wants. 

This year shop for the mother in your life by what she loves

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Zero Waste Gifts for the Plant Mom

Young girl dumping kitchen scraps into a large green compost bin outside

The Hungry Bin Worm Farm Compost Bin


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Small terracotta color bin on a kitchen counter top

Countertop Compost Bin


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Two keychains with small metal tubes fill with sugar water for bees

Bee Revival Kit


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Long haired woman wearing a handmade crocheted hat of various shades of yellow, white, and brown

Crocheted Bucket Hat 

Made of natural fiber!


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Gifts for the Pet Mom

Hand rubbing a rectangular bar of soap on a black dog

Pet Shampoo Bar


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Small dog chewing on a bone-shaped toy

Betterbone All Natural Dog Bone


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Two dogs waiting patiently on a sidewalk, wearing pink harnesses attached to a leash

Awoo Dog Leash & Harness

From $25.00

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Tiny dog in an orange sweater and floral print green banana

Recycled Dog Bandana


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Gifts for the Chef Mom

5 different kinds of dish brushes

Dish Brush Kit


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Three round butter dishes made of speckled clay in black, natural, and pink

Handmade Ceramic Butter Dish


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Stasher bags filled with rice, cut vegetables, and fruit

Stasher Bags

From $9.99

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A large mesh drawstring bag filled with apples

Organic Cotton Mesh Produce Bags

From $5.49

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Gifts for the Beauty Enthusiast Mom

Two paper tube lip balms on a small wooden dish

Lip Therapy Balms

From $7.99

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Green stone gua sha tool on a small wooden dish surrounded by tiny white flowers

Gua Sha Facial Lifting Tool

From $19.99

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A short handled and long handled safety razor packaged in natural kraft recycled boxes

ZWS Essentials Safety Razor

Blade refills included!

From $24.99

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A small black tube of mascara with bamboo handled wand

Elate Essential Mascara


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Gifts for the Adventure Mom

A young woman in the outdoors carrying a sage colored backpack

Daypack Made of Ocean Plastic


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Blue silicone sandwich bag filled with mixed nuts

Reusable Silicone Sandwich Bag


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Pink shampoo and conditioner bars on a white soap dish next to a small agave fiber drawstring bag

Zero Waste Hair Care Mini Kit


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A cotton string mesh bag with long handles filled with lemons

Organic Cotton String Bag


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Gifts for the Crunchy Mom

Two sets of shampoo and conditioner bars, one pink and one green

Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Duo


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Two boxes of laundry detergent sheets in unscented and fresh linen

ZWS Essentials Laundry Detergent Sheets


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A wooden toilet brush on a wooden rack, sitting on the floor next to a white toilet

Plastic-Free Toilet Brush


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Pouring a small tin of white toothpaste tablets into an open palm over a bathroom sink

Toothpaste Tablets


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Gifts for the Eco Newbie Mom

A large collection of zero waste products perfect for everyday use around the home and on the go

Zero Waste Starter Kit


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Two bamboo toothbrushes and a small glass container of black charcoal floss

Dental Care Mini Kit


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Rolls and stacks of white, grey, and colorful reusable paper towels

Reusable Paper Towels

From $24.99

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An earth-like green and blue wool dryer ball sitting on top of three white wool dryer balls

Reusable Wool Dryer Balls


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Gifts for the Sustainable Artist Mom

Different shapes of hand formed pottery vessels

DIY Beginner Pottery Kit


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Three small speckled ceramic pouring vessels

Handmade Ceramic Pourer

From $47.00

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Someone using their finger to pain blue eye coal on another person's face

Eye Coal


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Metal pencil tins lined with felt

Zero Waste Pencil Tin Set


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