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Zero Waste Store Soap Lift

Soap Rest - Soap Holder, Bar Soap Rest, Lift for Bar Soap

$5.99 USD
Protect your essential oils soap with our corn-based plastic bar lift. Bone color, our bar lift cleans with running water and a few squeezes. Each lift is meant to be used for years!...
Zero Waste Store 1-Pack Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult - Zero Waste Toothbrush, Plastic Free, Compostable, Castor Bean Bristles

Bamboo Toothbrush - Adult - Zero Waste Toothbrush, Plastic Free, Compostable, Castor Bean Bristles

From $4.00 USD
Our ZWS Essentials Bamboo Toothbrush is completely plant-based: bristles, handle, and box. Made from castor bean oil, organic bamboo, and paper! This toothbrush will keep your pearly whites clean and...
Zero Waste Store Agave Soap Saver Bag

Agave Soap Saver Bag

$5.49 USD
Extend the life of your zero waste soap bars with this small exfoliating soap bag! Made from natural agave fiber, this bag helps you use up every last scrap of...
ZWS Essentials Bamboo Charcoal Floss - Zero Waste Dental Floss, 30m, Vegan, Biodegradable, Refillable

Bamboo Charcoal Floss - Zero Waste Dental Floss, 30m, Vegan, Biodegradable, Refillable

From $9.99 USD
Zero Waste Floss is here! Finally, a plastic-free way to get all up in the nooks and crannies of your mouth!! Using vegan bamboo fiber infused with organic peppermint oil,...
No Tox Life Underarm Detox Bar

Underarm Detox Bar - Vegan, Plastic Free, 0.9oz

$6.00 USD
On the road to switching to natural deodorants after years of conventional antiperspirants...? Make a pit stop with our Underarm Detox Bar! After years of slathering on aluminum deodorants, your...
Brush With Bamboo Tongue Scraper

Tongue Scraper - Zero Waste Tongue Scraper, 100% Stainless Steel

$9.99 USD
The highest quality tongue scraper on the market today. Use this zero waste stainless steel tongue scraper to: help to freshen your breathe enhance your taste buds help fight bacteria. Made...
No Tox Life Aloe & Coconut Milk Soap Bar Unscented Soap Bars for Sensitive Skin

Unscented Soap Bar - Zero Waste Soap Bar, Sensitive Skin, Vegan, 3.5oz

$7.00 USD
Thoughtfully made with gentle ingredients, our Unscented Soap Bar is the perfect sustainable alternative for babies, dry or acne-prone skin, those with sensitivities or anyone looking to replace their plastic...
Sustain Yoself Sensitive Skin Deodorant

Sensitive Skin Deodorant

From $8.00 USD
Perfect for those with sensitive skin, this effective, all-natural deodorant is made with gentle ingredients & is baking soda free. Gentle & long-lasting, this deodorant is the perfect zero waste...
Huppy Toothpaste Tablets - Huppy Plastic Free Toothpaste - Naturally Whitening, All-Natural, Refillable

Toothpaste Tablets - Zero Waste Toothpaste - All-Natural, Plastic Free, Refillable, 62 ct.

From $1.50 USD
Chew into fresh breath and a more sustainable planet with our toothpaste tablets containing nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic fluoride alternative, and recyclable aluminum case. Made with clean ingredients like peppermint oil,...
ZWS Essentials Bamboo Cotton Buds

Bamboo Cotton Buds

$8.00 USD
The average person uses 415 disposable cotton swabs every year! Traditional cotton swabs, buds, and q-tips are made from plastic and contribute to deforestation, harming our environment and wildlife. Our cotton...
Unpaste With Fluoride Toothpaste Tabs- With & Without Fluoride

Unpaste Tooth Tabs - Zero Waste Toothpaste - With Fluoride, Vegan, Compostable

$9.00 USD
Chew, brush, smile with these zero waste toothpaste tabs, now with Fluoride! These toothpaste tablets are a concentrated version of traditional toothpaste and replace the bulky plastic tubes while offering...
Huppy Toothpaste Tablets Refill - Zero Waste Toothpaste - Whitening, All-Natural, Plastic Free, Compostable

Toothpaste Tablets Refill - Zero Waste Toothpaste - All-Natural, Plastic Free, Compostable, 62 - 248 ct.

From $8.50 USD
Brighten up your daily routine with a refill supply to Huppy Toothpaste Tablets with nano-hydroxyapatite, a non-toxic fluoride alternative. Refill pouches are made from 100% paper and are backyard-compostable. Made with clean,...
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