How to Dispose of Popular Materials, Properly 

To give our recycles a better chance, we created a guide on how to recycle common items! We also break down how to discard ZeroWasteStore packaging. You’ll never have to stand between two bins thinking ‘???’ again.

Quick Tips


Some materials are recyclable but cannot be put in the curbside bin. These need to be taken to special facilities so see what’s around you! 


Just because you see a recycle symbol ♻ does not mean the product is recyclable.


Rinsing your recyclables can increase the chances your items get reused! Excess food waste can contaminate the rest of the bin + attract mold, bacteria, and pests. 

How to Dispose By Material

*Please note, recycling programs vary from community to community. Always check with your local facility to confirm what items are accepted.

Bottle Caps

Plastic bottle caps can be left on bottles, metal caps should be placed in a steel can, sealed, then recycled. 


They might be accepted where #5 plastics are.

Paper Cartons
Metal Cans

Leave the pop tabs on or put them inside the can. You can also save them separately and donate them to organizations. 

Plastic Bottles & Jugs
Plastic Bags

Not recyclable unless returned to a retail/grocery store that offers a bag return program.

Packing Peanuts

You can try reusing or donating to a shipping store, otherwise seal and place in trash. 


Check what colors your city accepts. Broken glass should not be recycled but carefully wrapped and sent to the landfill. 


Make sure it isn’t wet or contaminated with oil, grease, or other chemicals. Pizza boxes for example should be thrown away if dirty but the clean half can be recycled. 


It can also be composted. 


Even the glossy pages! 

Paper Towels

Unbleached and chemical free paper towels can be composted. 

Paper Cups
Frozen Food Boxes

Can be recycled, but not curbside. Check your local reycling centers.

How to Dispose of ZeroWasteStore Packing Materials 

Corn Starch Packing Peanuts

Place the peanuts in a bowl of warm water and let them sit for a bit while they dissolve into nothing.

Packing Tape

Our tape is water activated and contains no harmful glue chemicals. 

Shipping Boxes
Recycled Mailers

Paper mailers with padding made of recycled fibers.

Shipping Labels

Made of 100% PCM and fully recyclable.

Brown Kraft Paper/Honeycomb Kraft Paper

Also reusable if you don't mind the wrinkles.