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Last Swab Beauty Kit

Beauty Kit

$58.00 USD
The perfect kit has been created for skin-care, makeup and eco-conscious afficianados alike! The waste-warriors at LastObject beauty have thought of it all when it comes to personal hygiene meeting...
LastSwab LastSwab Baby

LastSwab Baby

$24.00 USD
The LastSwab Baby is the sustainable answer for ditching single-use swabs in your family for good.  Specially designed for little ears and delicate areas around the eye, nose, navel or...
LastSwab LastRound


From $21.00 USD
LastRound is a reusable alternative to makeup pads and rounds. Using innovative technology, each round is made of sustainable wood cellulose and short cotton fibers that are not usable in...

The Everything Stick - For Eyes, Lips, and Body

$36.00 USD
Multi-purpose for use on every body part, restorative healing is just a dab away with the The Everything Stick. Created with 7 potent, anti-oxidant rich super oils, eyes, lips and...
Earthy Scents Anxiety Away Essential Oil Roll On Blends

Essential Oil Roll On Blends - Essential Oils, 100% Organic, 10 ml.

$28.00 USD
Earthy Scents Roll-Ons were created with the intention of using the best of what nature has to offer to bring relief from specific ailments, assist with emotions and aid with...
Buju Skin Matcha Under Eye Balm

Under Eye & Lip Balm, All Skin Types, Argan Oil, Vitamin E, 0.3 oz.

$17.00 USD
Wonder ingredient matcha has a long list of skin benefits including reducing puffiness, brightening, firming, moisturizing and know, just to name a few.   With the first swipe of this...
Live Like You Green It Lavender Body Butter | Dry Skin | Vegan Body Butter | Moisturizer | Eczema Cream | Zero Waste Lotion | Shea + Cocoa Butter

Lavender Body Butter - For Dry Skin, Vegan, Eczema Cream, Plastic Free, Organic, 2-8 oz.

From $20.00 USD
Indulge your parched winter skin in a body butter that is seriously hydrating while also delighting your senses with the harmonious combination of lavender and vanilla. Three nourishing whipped organic...
Live Like You Green It 1 Rosie Lip Balm Large Peppermint Vegan Lip Balm in Eco Friendly Packaging- Zero Waste + Natural Lip Balm, Plastic Free, Eco + Organic Lip Balm

Peppermint Vegan Lip Balm - Zero Waste + Natural Lip Balm, Plastic Free, Organic, 0.45 oz.

$12.00 USD
This Peppermint Vegan Lip Balm is the creamiest vegan and sustainable lip balm you'll ever slather on your lips.  Delicious Shea and Mango butters will keep your pucker plump with their...
Live Like You Green It Face Oil for Dry, Sensitive + Aging Skin | Dry Skin Oil | Anti Aging Serum | Moisturizer | Organic Anti Aging | Zero Waste Skin Care

Face Oil for Dry, Sensitive, & Aging Skin - Vegan Face Oil, All Natural, 1 fl. oz.

From $40.00 USD
Get a jump start on your anti-aging routine with Nostalgia Organic Oil Serum.  This highly concentrated, antioxidant packed concoction penetrates quickly into skin helping smooth out wrinkles and deliver deep...
Linear Beauty Tremella Toning Mist

Toning Mist for Youthful Skin- Made with Tremella Mushroom

$42.00 USD
Tremella mushroom has been used in China for centuries to maintain youthful skin. Hydrating molecules that are smaller than hyaluronic acid are able to penetrate the skin faster and more...
The Home Farm The Home Farm Skincare Kit

The Home Farm Skincare Kit

$70.00 USD
Indulge your skin with a bundle that exfoliates, cleanses and moisturizes.  The zero waste silk exfoliating pad and delicate rose cleanser gently lift impurities and soothe even the most sensitive...
Noieory Botanix Zero Waste Beard Oil- Beard Elixir Oil

Zero Waste Beard Oil- Beard Elixir Oil

From $20.00 USD
The perfect everyday grooming product for your beard! Lightweight and hydrating, this earthy elixir will help keep your beard soft, moisturized, and healthy. Made with a powerful blend of jojoba...
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