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Miyabi Charcoal Miyabi Charcoal Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter - Skinny or Regular - Plastic Free Purification

Bamboo Charcoal Water Filter - Plastic Free Water Filters, 100g Pack, Multiple Sizes

From $18.00 USD
Bamboo charcoal helps naturally remove impurities and improve taste to your tap water! Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and filters and switch to this eco-friendly alternative. Skinny-sized pieces are perfect for...
ZWS Essentials Bamboo Hairbrush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

Bamboo Hairbrush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

$20.00 USD
Zero waste & plastic free hair brush! Our bamboo hair brush is a great alternative to those made with plastic and other synthetic materials. It has a natural and comfortable...
Beeswrap Beeswax Food Wraps- Variety Pack

Beeswax Food Wraps - Variety Packs - Zero Waste Food Wraps, Organic, Plastic Free, 3 Pack

From $18.99 USD
Keep herbs fresh, wrap baked goods, produce, or cover a bowl with this versatile and reusable beeswax wrap. The possibilities are endless. zero waste Bee's Wraps are the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. ...
Lumi Basics coffee sugar scrub

Body Sugar Scrubs

$22.00 USD
Dull and tired skin is just a shower away from getting it's glow back with dual-acting Lumi Sugar Scrubs.  Exfoliating and moisturizing, your whole bod will be pampered with potent...
No Tox Life Dish Washing Block - Dish Soap Bar, Zero Waste, Vegan, 6oz

Dish Washing Block - Dish Soap Bar, Zero Waste, Vegan, 6oz

From $12.00 USD
Cleansing bars have officially taken over and just when you thought they reached their ceiling, they went and shot through it with a bar that cleans your dishes!  Ditch the...
( r e ) ˣ Adult Hangers

Eco-Friendly Hangers - Sustainable Clothing Hangers, Adult, 10 Pack, Multiple Colors

$20.00 USD
(re) consider. (re) verse. (re) circulate.  These are the concepts behind the world's first hangers made entirely of recycled plastics sourced from beach clean ups and recycling efforts in South...
Saged Home Glass Spray Bottle

Glass Spray Bottle with Recipe Sticker

$24.00 USD
This reusable glass spray bottle makes it easy to mix your own DIY all-purpose cleaner at home. The label on the back of the bottle includes two recipes that will be...
Waste Free Products Laundry Paste

Laundry Paste

$22.99 USD
Say goodbye to chemicals and plastic bottle waste! This is a soap concentrate-to-liquid formula that you dissolve using your own container! Refill your same container over and over with no...
Zero Waste Store Single Loofah Scrubber - Zero Waste Loofah, Plastic Free, Compostable

Loofah Sponge - Zero Waste Loofah, Plastic Free, Compostable

From $4.00 USD
The perfect alternative to plastic dish sponges and plastic bath loofahs. Use our zero waste, sustainably sourced loofah sponge (made from a plant!) to wash dishes, naturally exfoliate your skin, clean...
Lumi Basics lavender + tangerine lotion bar

Lotion Bars

$24.00 USD
Each solid square of skin-nourishing perfection hydrates and repairs parched skin reviving it back to health.  Packed with nature's finest ingredients, continued use not only hydrates skin from within but...
Terra Thread Organic Cotton Beanies

Organic Cotton Beanie - 8 Color Options

$24.95 USD
When it comes to cozy Terra Thread's beanies push the threshold in softness! A classic knitted style comes in a one-size-fits-all design in a wide array of colors to coordinate...
Earthy Edith's Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer - Vegan, Cane Alcohol, All Natural

Plant-Based Hand Sanitizer - Vegan, Cane Alcohol, All Natural

From $23.99 USD
A 100% plant based hand sanitizer that destroys 99.9% of harmful germs while capturing all the benefits of natural plant based oils to leave your hands not only sanitary and...
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