Exploring Sustainable Alternatives: A Look Into Zero Waste Products in 2024

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Make a positive impact on the environment this year with zero-waste inspo and ideas to help you live a more ethical lifestyle

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How’s everyone settling into the new year?

Aside from eating leftover chocolate, we’ve spent a lot of time reflecting on 2023 and thinking about the things we can do to live more ethically in the new year. Of course, that means finding more sustainable alternatives we can introduce into our daily lives.

As each year comes and goes, climate issues become increasingly urgent and the need for sustainable alternatives is more important than ever. In this post, we draw inspiration from some of the cool inventions that took place last year and share 20 zero-waste products you can add to your daily routines this year.

Key points:

  • An urgent solution to climate change is needed, and while changing consumer habits isn’t a silver bullet, it can certainly help.
  • New innovative sustainable alternatives have surfaced in 2023 and will hopefully seep into the mainstream in the next few years.
  • Interested in adopting more sustainable habits this year? Feel free to skip to the 20 suggestions below.

Curious? Read on to discover the staples you need for your most sustainable year yet!


  • Sustainable Shopping 2023 Fact Sheet
  • Our Favourite Eco-Inventions in 2023
  • 20 Zero waste products you need this year

Sustainable Shopping in 2023 


Global warming and climate change are huge issues, so much bigger than any individual can solve alone. Change needs to come from governments, large corporations, and global businesses.

That said, we can all do something.

That might be joining an environmental organization, putting pressure on people in power, planting trees, picking up litter, investing in ethical brands, and choosing sustainable alternatives to reduce your waste.

It might not be a silver bullet that solves the issue, but these small actions, together, do make a difference. As Greta Thunberg says,

“I’m telling you there is hope. I have seen it, but it does not come from governments or corporations. It comes from the people.”

This is backed up by these 2023 sustainable shopping statistics:

  • Products marketed as sustainable grew 2.7x faster than those that were not.
  • 75% of sustainable goods sell better online than in-store.
  • 78% of consumers feel that sustainability is important.
  • 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly brands.
  • 84% of customers say that poor environmental practices will discourage them from buying from a brand.

Source: The Roundup

Let’s make the statistics even better in 2024!

Our Favorite Eco-Inventions of 2023 


Photo by RainStick

From batteries that never die to power showers that don’t waste water, here are 5 2023 inventions we think are very cool:

1. An immortal battery

There’s nothing more annoying (and wasteful!) than single-use batteries that keep on dying. In Oppo’s new tracking device, however, the battery never dies. It collects what little power it needs from energy sources like radio waves, light, and heat. Who knows, maybe dead batteries will soon be a thing of the past?

2. An eco-avocado

Annoyingly, avocados have a one- or two-day window of ‘ripeness’ meaning we waste them more than we’d like to. After a decades-long program at the University of California, The Luna UCR Avocado was invented and that’s about to change. It’s ripe as soon as its skin turns black, taking the guesswork out of the equation, and stays fresh for longer. It’s also easier to harvest and requires less land, which potentially means less water and electricity.

3. A camp-size water cleaner

More than a million people die each year from unsafe drinking water, often in conflict zones or after natural disasters. LifeStraw is addressing this with their new compact solution that strips water of bacteria, parasites, and viruses at a large scale.

4. A strong and sustainable shower

Less water usually means a weaker shower, which is a tricky trade-off when you’re trying to save resources. RainStick’s new tech saves 80% of water AND doubles the flow. Whatt??

It’ll be a while before these cool new inventions seep into the mainstream and are sold at an affordable price, but they give us hope that investing in sustainable brands goes a long way. By shopping sustainable alternatives, you’re helping change-makers come up with more innovative solutions in the future.

Sustainable Alternatives in 2024: 20 Zero waste products you need this year 

As the globe grapples with the consequences of climate change, implementing sustainable swaps at an individual level is crucial for ensuring a greener future.

Here are 25 alternatives to common household items you can start using today.


1. SWAP plastic wrap for

Beeswax Wraps

View Details

2. SWAP shampoo bottle for

Shampoo Bars

View Details

3. SWAP laundry detergent jugs for

Laundry Detergent Sheets

View Details

4. SWAP hand soap bottles for

Foaming Hand Soap Tablets

View Details
DIY Spray Bottle.png__PID:42921ad3-9c0f-4619-804a-69c4bef9611a

5. SWAP cleaning sprays for

Make-Your-Own Sprays

View Details

6. SWAP disposable plastic razors for

Stainless Steel Safety Razors

View Details

7. SWAP plastic dish brushes for

Bamboo Alternatives

View Details

8. SWAP aluminum deodorants for

Zero Waste Alternatives

View Details

9. SWAP paper towels for

Reusable Paper Towels

View Details

10. SWAP bees wax candles for

Soy Wax Candles

View Details

11. SWAP niche beauty products for

An All-In-One Solution

View Details

12. SWAP synthetic materials for

Natural Fabrics

View Details

13. SWAP toothpaste tubes for

Toothpaste Tablets

View Details

14. SWAP tampons for 

Menstrual Cups

View Details

15. SWAP plastic shopping bags for

Reusable Tote Bags

View Details

16. SWAP plastic produce bags for

Natural Mesh Produce Bags

View Details

17. SWAP make-up wipes for

Reusable Cotton Pads

View Details

18. SWAP bottled water for

Reusable Water Bottles

View Details

19. SWAP single-use hand soaps for

Refillable Hand Soap

View Details

20. SWAP plastic toothbrushes for

Bamboo Alternatives

View Details

Final Thoughts

Plastic wrap? Synthetic fabrics? Shampoo bottles? That’s so last year! We hope these innovative inventions and 20 swap ideas have inspired you to embrace the new year and take steps toward creating a more sustainable future for everyone.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the options and aren’t sure where to start, we have a Zero Waste Starter Kit that contains everything you need for the year ahead. It’s a 16-piece kit with bathroom, laundry, and kitchen essentials. If you want to find out more, check out our starter kit guide.

Wishing you a green New Year!

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