Punctuate Your Life with Green Periods

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Does it ever seem like your life is like one long and aimless run-on sentence and you feel as if you are wasting away and you're wasting life away and just wish you could just find something that could help you lead a more healthy and content lifestyle

As you can tell, small things can make a big impact. And just as it is with writing (see above), periods can have a big impact on the quality, clarity, and purpose of your life. And when it comes to your feminine products, it’s quite important to know exactly what you’re placing between your legs every month. After all, it wasn’t long ago when the selection of menstrual product available for purchase was limited to harmful conventional disposable pads and tampons. But now with eco-safe alternatives available for women to choose from, we have greener ways to get by your redder days. With reusable period products that you can find at the Zero Waste Store, you can deal with your rendezvous with rouge in a much more biologically, economically, and ecologically healthier manner. Discover how you can add more emphasis to your existence, and bring more meaning & value to the human experience, when you make a switch to reusable menstrual products and start punctuating the story of your life with zero waste periods.

Be Sustainably Sound in Body

Conventionally-produced pads are made from synthetic materials that contain a nocuous mix of toxins from its chemical processing & production methods, many of which are known to produce negative short & long-term side effects to your body. Made with synthetic plastics, fibers, and chemicals, there are many irritants found in disposable pads that can cause allergic reactions, painful rashes, and infections to your tender skin. Adhesive sealing impedes natural airflow to your vagina, intensifying painful cramping and locking toxins that enter and accumulate inside your body for many years.

Enhance the quality of your life now by protecting your health & body suffer by replacing your conventional feminine products with safer sustainable alternative. Reusable Menstrual Pads from Zero Waste Store are made from toxin-free 100% breathable Organic Cotton that won’t irritate your skin or damage your health.

This month, be done with the most painful periods of your life with a healthy green swap that won’t disturb the delicate balance of your body or the planet.

Be Sustainably Sound In Mind

A peaceful mind is a pre-requisite for happiness, and switching out your disposable period products for reusable zero waste alternatives will help make those uncomfortable visits from Aunt Flo a lot less stressful & irritating. Instead of struggling through your monthly menses with uncomfortable synthetic pads or tampons that can often trigger painful skin reactions and infections, experience the chemical-free comforts of hypoallergenic reusables. Not only are reusables much more safe & gentle to your body health, the incredibly comfortable Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads or silicone Menstrual Cups alternatives are environmentally-friendly alternatives are just as tender to Mama Earth.

Whether this is the first green habit you decide to pick up or one of many you’ve adopted over the years, the fact is that every eco-friendly action you take makes an impact on the world around us. A green period is a highly rewarding one that can help provide more meaning and depth to your life and a feeling of a higher purpose. Instead of being the problem, you are now part of the solution. So swap out your wasteful period products for planet-safe alternatives today and discover the serenity of a sustainable period.

Have A Sustainably Sound Budget

If providing a healthier mind & body hasn’t already persuaded you to jump into the reusable ring, adding a little more punch to your pocketbook might be all the confidence you need to knock out those costly conventional products from your life altogether. I’m sure we can all agree that being a woman is far from cheap and menstruating is expensive! But let’s take a moment to see just how costly it REALLY is.

Don’t worry. We’ll do the math for you.

Say you pay roughly $7 for a box of 36 individual tampons, which typically get used & replaced every 6 hours. Using 4 tampons a day in a 5-day menstrual cycle will have you going through at least 20 tampons per period. Since the average woman menstruates from the age of 13 to 51 for a total of 456 cycles during that timeframe, that comes out to at least 9,120 tampons. This means you can expect to pay in your lifetime at least $1,773.33 on tampons alone, without considering inflation. And then when you consider the cost of panty liners and replacing ruined panties due to leakage, the grand total for such a lady luxury can end up costing you over $5000 worth of disposable period products!

When you consider how reusable alternatives, such as Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads or silicone Menstrual Cups, are made to last as long as 10 years with proper care while keeping thousands of toxic waste from filling up our landfills for centuries, you won’t need to whip out your TI-95 to calculate that going with green periods is far and beyond the more ecological AND economical choice.

Create A Sustainably Sound Environment

When it comes to keeping our environment clean and healthy, your period isn’t a just personal issue. Each year, up to 20 billion feminine hygiene products are dumped into landfills in just North America alone, leeching toxic chemicals into our soil and groundwater for as long as centuries. Studies have also shown that the processing of low-density polyethylene and thermoplastic (LDPE’s), synthetic plastics used to make tampon applicators and menstrual pads, creates the largest manmade impact on global warming.

As women, we can do much better than this. The power to change the world is right between our collective legs! Unlike single-use items, eco-friendly alternatives like the Organic Cotton Menstrual Pads or silicone Menstrual Cups found at the Zero Waste Store are each sustainably made & designed to be used and reused for up to 10 years. Ditch the wasteful feminine hygiene habits that hurt the planet, and start practicing a more minimalist method of managing your monthlies with zero waste periods that will help heal Mama Earth.

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