Your Holiday Gift Guide 2023! Zero-waste presents for a Greener Festive Season


Celebrate the Holidays with a clear conscience! Check our 2023 gift guide for zero-waste products and sustainable gift ideas for a greener festive season

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‘Tis the season of giving, and what better way to celebrate than by opting for greener choices when it comes to holiday shopping?

We produce 25% more waste during the Holiday Season, which makes participating gift-giving seem a little counter-intuitive to a zero-waste lifestyle. But there are ways to take part in this treasured tradition, without the grudge of a Christmas Grinch.

Whether you're looking for zero-waste products, ethically sourced goods, or re-purposed treasures, we’ve got you covered. This sustainable gift guide will help you navigate through the choices and find the perfect presents for your loved ones, all whilst matching your values and making a positive impact on the planet.

Your Sustainable Shopping List

TO: Your skincare guru

FROM: Activist Skincare Trial & Travel Kit, $50


Not sure how to brighten dark circles or get rid of the pesky pimple? This friend knows. The skincare guru of the group loves searching for the best vegan, clean, and cruelty-free goodies, and we have just the thing they’ll love.

The Activist Skincare Trial and Travel Kit gives the experience of the 4-step Activist method: Cleanse, Mist, Hydrate, and Protect. Once they try it, they’ll be hooked! It comes in a beaut little bag, perfect for packing on holiday visits and, the best bit, every purchase comes with a FREE $25 Gift Card - what’s not to love?

TO: Your favorite tech nerd

FROM: Better Battery Recyclable Battery Pack, $44.99


007, is that you? Give your tech nerds a new toy this year, with eco-friendly batteries to power their gadget obsession.

Better Battery’s Recyclable Batteries are certified carbon neutral and can be delivered to your door each month. The organized box comes equipped with 22-AA, 22-AAA, and 2-9Vs to keep your techy-mate going for months. And, when the batteries are used, they can be sent back to be recycled for free.

TO: Your blingy bestie

FROM: Wellthy Recycled Gold Ball & Chain Threaders, $230


They might be dripping in jewels and oozing glam vibes, but don’t be fooled, they’re nature lovers like the rest of us. Rather than hugging trees and hiking up hills, they’re doing they’re bit by picking the most earth-friendly and high-quality items.

You can never go wrong by gifting gold, like these beautiful Ball & Chain Threaders by Wellthy, made with 100% recycled metal. Simple, yet elegant, they’re perfect for the posh spice in your life.

TO: Your budding artist

FROM: Honeysticks Original Beeswax Crayons, $22.95

Crayon Range Square_Honeysticks.png__PID:c0a1487e-ce10-4a65-9617-c2df9336dffd

Ready for a new masterpiece on the fridge? Give your mini-Picasso the tools they need to get their creative juices following…even if it results in an unflattering portrait of you!

Honeysticks natural beeswax crayons are lovingly crafted in New Zealand, by families, for families. They’re made from 100% natural beeswax and non-toxic food grade pigments. With unique shapes designed to promote grasp development and 12 vibrant colors, your budding artist is free to get experimental (blue trees? Why not!).

They’re perfect for toddlers, children, and adults who can’t help but get involved.

TO: Your sunshine-in-human-form friend

FROM: Suds & Eco Sunshine Bathroom Bundle, $71.99


Winter weather might be gloomy, but this bestie always brings their own sunshine. Gift the ray of light in your life to a tropical treat with Suds & Eco’s Sunshine Bathroom Bundle.

Including our #1 bestselling shampoo and conditioner bars, soap bar, and decadent body butter, this bundle is bound to brighten up their shower routine. It’s made with all-natural ingredients, and an abundance of nutrient-rich oils and minerals, for locks and skin that smell like paradise.

Oh, and it’s 100% plastic-free, so don’t worry about packaging dampening the mood!

TO: Your best eco-boss

FROM: TerraCyle E-Waste Zero Waste Recycling Box, $139


Always on a mission to make the workplace more environmentally friendly, this boss operates with the planet in mind. Make their job a little easier, and gift them something the whole office can benefit from.

With a TerraCycle E-Waste Zero Waste Box, you can collect hard-to-recycle electronic waste like computer cables and accessories, keyboards, laptops, screens, radios, and more, and ship them to TerraCycle for free. They’ll then be properly recycled, without a worry on your side. It’s a stress-free solution you need to share.

And if you have any other recycling needs, don’t worry! from plastic packaging to all-in-one, they’ll have abox for that too.

TO: Your smooth, groomed, crush

FROM: ZeroWasteStore Safety Razor, $24.99


They’re sharply dressed, clean-shaven, and ready to impress. Not to mention, they care for the environment. Quick! ask mom to add an extra seat at the dinner table this Christmas, because you’ve got yourself a keeper.

Treat your smooth, groomed, criminal to a ZeroWasteStore Safety Razor. This sustainable alternative helps reduce the billions of plastic disposables that pollute our soil and seas every year. The stainless-steel stubble slayer comes with 10 free blades and is built to last a lifetime. Perfect for all genders!

TO: Your golden Gods or Goddesses

FROM: River Organics Vegan Makeup, $12.99-18.99


Perpetually bronzed, these gods and goddesses know how to maintain their glow. The beauty industry has historically been bad to Mama Earth, so show them a sustainable swap that won’t dull them down.

Forget plastic packaging, chemicals, and toxins, with the River Organics vegan line offers all the cruelty-free clean beauty options you need. From toxin-free mascara, to a nourishing bronzing stick, your friend will stay guilt-free and glowing.

TO: Your fluffiest family member

FROM: Awoo Pets Huggies Harness, $50


Don’t forget your fluffy family member when you’re shopping for gifts. Pamper your pooch with conscious goodies.

Nothing says good boy or girl, like this stylish harness from Awoo Pets. The adjustable neck and chest comfortably grow with your pup and the multiple connection points can match any walk style.

Using 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester, the harness is created through a process that turns post-consumer plastics into soft, durable yarns. It’s long-lasting and protects the lush nature you need for walkies.

TO: Your host(ess) with the most(ess)

FROM: AmourLinen Bedding Set, $290


How do they do it? They make hosting the festivities look effortless, and always treat their guests like kings and queens. By the end of the season, they’ll be so ready for a good night’s sleep.

This Noel, treat your festivity-fatigued friend the well-needed rest they deserve with an exceptionally soft, extremely breathable, and naturally hypoallergenic linen set. This luxurious and plant-based bedding will melt away holiday stress.

TO: Your zero-waste apprentice

FROM: ZeroWasteStore Zero Waste Starter Kit, $214.35 on sale for $99.99!


Everyone has to start somewhere! Take a zero-waste newbie under your wing and kickstart their journey with this super kit.

The ZeroWasteStore Starter Kit makes the transition from plastic to natural easy peasy, with 16 zero-waste household essentials, and 0 plastic packaging. Every product is reusable, compostable, or recyclable at the end of its life, so you can keep cheering them along their journey.

TO: Your green-fingered gardener

FROM: Subpod Compost Essentials Bundle, $256


Everyone has to start somewhere! Take a zero-waste newbie under your wing and kickstart their journey with this super kit.

Treat them to an essential, sustainable, and oh-so-minimal set of 5 plant-based dish brushes. These durable brushes have a satisfyingly simple design fit for any kitchen and can be composted or recycled at the end of their lives, so there’s no dreaded mess in sight.

TO: Your house-proud partner or roomie

FROM: Earth + Element Ceramic Pourer, $47


What’s better than giving a gift to someone you love? Giving a gift to someone you live with, so you can also enjoy it!

Whoever it is you share your home with, spruce up the place with beautiful plastic-free Ceramic Pourer from Earth + Element. The delicate and unique design uplevels any space, giving it an extra touch of elegance.

Pair it with the Earth + Element Tiny Cups, and you’ve got the perfect combo for your morning coffee chats!

TO: Your adventure buddy

FROM: TerraThread Organic Cotton Fanny Pack, $29.70


Boogie at a music festival? They’re in. A hike in the hills? They’re on their way. A road trip somewhere new? Of course, they’ll take the passenger seat. Whatever adventures you two are planning next, get them a bag that can come along for it all.

The TerraThread Organic Cotton Fanny Pack is perfect for packing essentials. Made with Certified Fairtrade Organic Cotton canvas, and manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified™ factory, you can rely on its durability and sustainability.

Ready to go? Let's hit the road!

There you have it! 14 Sustainable Christmas gifts ready to go under the tree…

The act of gift-giving goes beyond material possessions. It’s a cherished tradition of goodwill, that expresses the love and appreciation you have for one another.

And, with the ZeroWasteStore holiday gift guide, you don’t have to let your passion for the planet dampen your holiday spirit.

With these gift ideas, you can reduce waste, support ethical practices, and inspire others to make greener choices. In other words, you can have your Christmas cake and eat it too!

Let's make this holiday season a celebration of sustainability, where every gift represents a step towards a greener future.

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