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Boba & Vespa Hemp Catnip Cat Kicker Toy

Catnip Cat Kicker Toy

Constructed from a sturdy natural canvas exterior and packed with all-natural cotton, catnip, and rustling buckwheat shells, this toy will provide endless entertainment for your feline friend. The length is...
Boba & Vespa Hemp Pyramid Cat Toy

Pyramid Cat Toy

Crafted from a natural canvas exterior and filled with organic cotton, catnip, and crinkly buckwheat hulls, this toy emits a soft sound that'll captivate your feline friend. It's ideal for...
Boba & Vespa Snake Catnip Cat Toy

Snake Catnip Cat Toy

This toy is made with an organic cotton and outer layer, stuffed with organic cotton, organic catnip, and crunchy buckwheat hulls for endless entertainment! Its unique shape is that...
Boba & Vespa Stingray Catnip Cat Toy

Stingray Catnip Cat Toy

Crafted from a blend of natural canvas and organic cotton, this toy is packed with organic cotton, catnip, and crinkly buckwheat hulls to give your furry friend a subtle sound....