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Zero Waste Store Huppy Toothpaste Tablets Zero Waste Fresh Mouth Kit

Zero Waste Fresh Mouth Kit

From $48.97
A healthy mouth is just as important as a healthy environment! You can do both with this eco-friendly oral hygiene kit! Replace plastic toothbrushes with eco-friendly bamboo, disposable floss with...
Zero Waste Store Silk Dental Hygiene Super Kit

Dental Hygiene Super Kit

$61.99 $46.99
We've designed our new *Super* Kits with all of the essentials you need to help reduce your waste at a more affordable cost. Clean teeth, freshen breath, and say no...
Zero Waste Store Sustainable Shaving Mini Kit

Sustainable Shaving Mini Kit

From $43.49
Say goodbye to wasteful and irritating plastic razors and hello to Leaf’s luxurious pivoting razor and the ZWS plastic-free safety razor, perfect for beginners. These zero waste razors offer a smooth,...