How To Create An Easy Sustainable Hair Care Routine Using Natural, Eco-Friendly Products

Getting healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Learn how to create an easy, sustainable hair care routine!

Getting healthy, beautiful hair doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment. Learn how to create an easy, sustainable hair care routine! 

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We’re quickly moving into season 3 of life with a pandemic unknowing how many seasons this will continue for. 

So we guess it’s time we take control and learn to thrive while staying safe. In 2020 our lives and routines came to an abrupt halt. In 2021 we thought we would get them all back and came up with a plan to survive. We’re all approaching 2022 with some trepidation, but this is our year to thrive! 

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We’re setting goals like crazy around here at the ZeroWasteStore and we’ve decided this year is not a year to pass through. We want to make goals, adopt new habits, create sustainable routines, and help all our friends, family, and community do the same.

Why Should You Create A Sustainable Hair Routine

woman holding shampoo and conditioner bar next to her flowey hair

We think routines have a bad reputation. They can be seen as boring, something you ‘just have to get through’, and don’t allow for spontaneity. But routines are actually really good — and important — for our mental health. 

Routines can help you feel a sense of accomplishment, they can keep you on track with goals and health, they help to create structure in our lives, and they can even have a positive impact on our stress levels. 

When you’re creating a routine, especially a sustainable routine, you want to use products and create a system that works best for you. Something that keeps you healthy (or clean) and can invoke a sense of calm after a long hard day. Not to mention, something you can run through with little thought when you’re distracted. 

Creating a routine with sustainable products is a great way to find and support sustainable companies that are making products that align with your goals — and are looking out for the earth. By creating a routine you know works for you, you can swap products in and out as the seasons change or as you learn about more companies. 

sustainable hair care routine products including: shampoo bar sitting on a soap lift, conditioner bar, ACV hair rinse, & bamboo hair brush

To get you started, we put together a sustainable hair care routine from start to finish that you can adopt! As always, skip the products that don’t apply to you and if you can’t make the change to an entirely sustainable routine, do what you can!.

Creating a Sustainable Hair Care Routine

There are so many combinations to creating the perfect sustainable hair care routine, we couldn’t possibly even begin to try to list them all out. We put this together with a healthy head of hair in mind so feel free to alter, change, and adjust as needed! 

1. Wash With Plastic-Free Shampoo

A variety of shampoo bars stacked on and around one another

The first step to having a sustainable hair care routine is by using a shampoo bar of course! We’re a little biased but we recommend our bars from Suds & Co. And if you don’t believe us, then believe all the reviews! Shampoo bars are an easy addition to a routine; all you need to do is: 

  • Find a bar you like — if you need more help check out our blog
  • Set up your subscription to auto renew
  • Never use shampoo in a plastic bottle again
To use:

Wet shampoo bar and apply to wet hair. Begin working the bar in small circular motions through your hair until you have the amount of suds desired. Wash and rinse as usual. 

2. Protect & Soften Hair With Plastic-Free Conditioner

A Variety of conditioner bars stacked on top of each other and around each other.

Buying a shampoo and conditioner bar set is kind of like buying a bikini and getting the same size for both. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We recommend getting your first set together and evaluating your needs from there. If you don’t go through a conditioner bar as fast as a shampoo bar, try blending it down into a liquid and using it as a liquid conditioner or even an in-shower body lotion! 

To use:

Apply damp bar to wet hair. Rub along hair in the direction of growth until you have enough product in. Let sit for a few minutes or rinse out immediately. 

3. Dry Shampoo For No ‘Poo Days

A purple and white paper tube of dry shampoo

On the days you're on-the-go or it’s simply not a hair washing day, opt for a sustainable dry shampoo. Most dry shampoos you find in the store are packaged in plastic, maybe aluminium but mostly in aerosols which we all know are not great for the planet. Quality dry shampoo doesn’t need a ton of ingredients and it definitely doesn’t need to be unsustainably packaged. One of our favorites is from Chagrin Valley in paper packaging.

To use:

Use a cosmetic brush and dip into the jar tapping excess off. Apply to dry roots and brush through.

4. ACV Rinse for Extra Hydration

Chagrin Valley ACV Hair Rinse on top of white cloth

An ACV Rinse is good to do one or two times in a month in place of conditioner. The ACV helps get rid of buildup and gives your follicles a fresh start while essential oils help reduce any inflammation, stimulate hair growth, increase scalp circulation, and more which all lead to healthy, bouncy hair.

To use:

Start with a jar/spray bottle and fill with 8oz of warm water. Add 1-4 tablespoons of ACV Rinse (as much as desired). Spray through wet hair after shampooing (and in place of conditioner). Let sit for a couple of minutes then rinse out. For extra conditioning, don’t rinse it out and towel dry your hair. 

5. Hair Strengthening Serum for Hair Growth

Elleada Hair Oil in brown glass jar with dropper.

This hair strengthening serum from Elleada can help your scalp if you suffer from an inflammatory condition or are trying to promote healthy hair growth. Made from a powerful blend of herbs and essential oils this serum creates a healthy scalp which results in luscious locks. 

To use:

Use daily or every other day depending on the results you’re looking for. Best if used right out of the shower on clean hair when pores are still open. Apply 2-3 droppers full of serum across your scalp and work into the entire scalp. Gently comb through hair and continue styling as usual. 

6. Spirit & Salt Hair Mist for Volume 

Fat & The Moon Spirit & Salt Mist Spray Bottle

If you’re looking for a little volume or texture to dry, tired hair look no further than this salt spray! Hyaluronic Acid moisturizes your hair and encourages waves while Rosemary oil nurture the scalp. 

To use:

Spritz directly to wet or dry hair then shake out. For extra waves and volume and apply to damp hair and scrunch.

7. Bamboo Hairbrush

Bamboo Hair Brush resting on cloth

Most hairbrushes on the market are made from plastic and synthetic ingredients. To ditch the plastic for good check out this brush from Brush With Bamboo. Made from bamboo, beeswax, and natural rubber, it feels and functions just like a regular hairbrush but without any of the eco-guilt. While it is water resistant, excessive exposure to water can cause damage. Just make sure to wipe it clean with a towel if you prefer to brush your hair in the shower or drop it in the bath to ensure it lasts for decades. 

8. Plastic-Free Hair Ties

Plastic Free Kooshoo hair ties, wrapped around yellow cloth

Made from certified organic cotton and natural rubber, you’ll never feel guilty about losing one of these ties and littering the planet. These no-slip hair ties are perfect for any occasion and even come in scrunchie form. Not only is the packaging recyclable and compostable but when the hair ties reach the end of their life (if you still have them by then) the ties are compostable as well! 

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