What Orders Qualify for Free Shipping?

Sustainability saves in so many ways. Any order that you place over $50 in the US will be shipped to you completely free!

Do You Offer Subscriptions on Your Products?

Yes! In fact, for your convenience, we offer subscriptions on almost all of our products. It’s easy to make excuses to by “just one” disposable product especially if our sustainable items aren’t immediately available to use. And all it takes is one excuse to throw you off track. That’s why we offer for you a subscription option on nearly all of our zero waste products, to help you keep up your good work and give you one less thing to remember to do and one less task to worry about.

How Does the Zws Planet-Action Points & Rewards Program Work?

Whether you’re a zero waste newbie ready to make your first ZWS order or a seasoned vet who has long been living the green life, you can instantly start turning your environmental awesomeness into big savings now by signing up for our ZWS Planet-Action Points & Rewards program!

Earning points that turn to profits is free and easy when you take different actions that you already do. Simply just signing up earns you 200 points! After that, all that left to do is just be you and the points will start rolling in. Click here to learn more about our ZWS Planet-Action Points & Rewards program and start saving now

My Order Came in More Than 1 Shipping Box and/or Arrived on Separate Days.
What’s the Deal?

Just like you, the members of our staff share a passion for protecting the planet and preserving the delicate balance of nature. Our commitment to a cleaner, greener world is the primary objective behind every aspect of our operation, including the way we handle & ship our packages to your door. 

Most of our products are safely warehoused at our facility in Florida, which allows us to reduce packaging material and shipping emissions by grouping multiple items of one order in a single box. However, there with some of our items, having them shipped directly to you from the manufacturer is the most environmentally prudent; it eliminates unnecessary carbon emissions from having it sent to the Zero Waste Store warehouse first.

So depending on what items you purchase, it is possible for you to receive your order in more than one package, or on different dates. But regardless of where and how your order is shipped, you can always have any ZWS package delivered to you carbon-neutrally for good measure!

How Do I Create a Zero Waste Store Account?

Creating your own special little ZWS account is easy-peasy, lemon-squeezy! All you will need is a name and email (and a heartbeat…so don’t even try it, robots!) and you’ll be all set.

Just click on the “Login/Register” option at the top of ZeroWasteStore.Com and we’ll walk you all the way through in under a minute.

How Do I Reset My Account Password?

A newly created password is the universe’s way of reminding us that our memory isn’t as great as we might think it is. But don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. 

Simply click on “Lost your password?” in the Login screen, type in your email address and within minutes you’ll receive an email with a link to update your password.

Can I Change or Cancel My Order?

Don’t worry. Mistakes happen to the best of us. So if you place an order that isn’t quite complete yet, you will need to reach out to our Customer Service team right away and request for it to be cancelled. Be sure to include your order number in the request. Once they confirm that they are able to process the cancellation, you can rebuild your perfect order with a clean slate. But please keep in mind that once an order has been dispatched and en route to you, we will be unable to make any changes or cancellations.

Can I Leave Feedback on an Item I Ordered?

Whether you absolutely adore your new sustainable product, or not so much, we’d LOVE to read about your experience. The Zero Waste Store isn’t just a convenient one-stop shop for all your green swaps online; we are a thriving community that welcomes everyone to openly exchange knowledge and experiences with each other, whether good and bad, with a product review or a blog post comment. So let your voice be heard so that we may learn from each other and grow together, and let’s all take part in shaping the collective evolution of our zero waste community!

After receiving your products, you may receive a follow up email with a link to share your experience with your order. Or you can always simply go directly to specific product pages at and share your feedback there.

Can I Make a Bulk Wholesale Order? 

Yes, we do offer bulk pricing for wholesale orders on many of our products. Just shoot us an email at and let us know what you are looking to purchase in bulk, and we would be happy to assist you with placing a bulk order!

Is There a Sales Tax Charged When I Place an Order?

Zero Waste Store will not charge you sales tax on any orders, with the exception of customers living in Florida. Since Florida is where our office is located, by law we are required to charge a sales tax for purchases in the Sunshine State.

Can I Edit My Shipping Address if I Already Placed My Order?

Oh no! If you placed an order with the wrong shipping address, please contact Customer Service right away at for assistance. We want to make sure your package gets to you safely and soundly.

What Forms of Payment Can I Use?

Zero Waste Store accepts all major credit cards. You can also purchase your order with ZWS E-Gift Cards!

Do You Offer Gift Cards?

Yesssss! You won’t find present much greener than an electronic gift card from the Zero Waste Store! E-gift cards work exactly the same as a regular gift card, but without the plastic waste, and you can purchase them at just like you would with any other product. A ZWS E-Gift Card comes in the form of a discount code, specific to that card. Just enter the code before placing an order at the checkout screen to have credits applied to any purchase.

Can I Use a Promo Discount Code on Top of a Special Promotion?

We encourage everybody to use and share our promotions and discounts that we offer throughout the year. It’s a great way to save money and help grow our beautiful green community. Promotions and discount offers can be used on any of our non-sale items; however, they cannot be combined.

What is Your Return Policy?

Due to the environmental impact that returned products create, we do not accept returns. However, if you have any issues with a damaged/defective product that you’ve purchased from us, please email us at so that can address them. 

Please read our Return Policy to learn more.