Zero Waste Household

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The Home Farm Reusable Coffee Filter

Reusable Coffee Filter

Say goodbye to single-use coffee filters forever! The Home Farm reusable filters are made from cotton & linen and create simple, delicious cups of coffee with no toxic chemicals involved! No...
The Home Farm Home Farm Liquid Dish Soap

Home Farm Liquid Dish Soap

An entirely green cleaner, for you and our environment! This specially formulated, powerful Dish Soap will cut through grease and grime, and leave your dishes sparkling! Each bottle is concentrated...
The Home Farm Home Farm Laundry Detergent

Home Farm Laundry Detergent

An entirely eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaner! This specially formulated, gentle Laundry Detergent will deodorize, soften, and clean your clothes, towels, and sheets. Great for both high efficiency (HE) and front loading...
The Home Farm Handkerchiefs


The Home Farm exclusive, high-quality handkerchiefs have a smooth, silky feel. The perfect alternative to disposable tissues, cleaning your glasses, phone screen, or laptop. This sustainable handkerchief can also be used...
The Home Farm Home Farm Hand Soap

Home Farm Hand Soap

This organic, biodegradable hand soap is hardworking and nondrying. Perfect for busy hands and next to your kitchen or bathroom sink, or at your office! Each  bottle will leave your...
The Home Farm Home Farm All-Purpose Spray

Home Farm All-Purpose Spray

The Home Farm All-Purpose Spray is made with a blend of organic oils and is perfect for cleaning your counters, floors, wood, tile or other household surfaces! It is 100%...
The Home Farm Home Farm Fruit + Veggie Cleaner

Home Farm Fruit + Veggie Cleaner

This non-toxic spray is crafted to eliminate any pesticides, dirt, and chemical residue left on your fruit and vegetables! There is no after taste left and it is 100% safe...