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eco-kids make your own eco-dough bundle

Make Your Own Eco-Dough Bundle

Molders, sculpters and mini creators have access to materials to make their imaginations come to life. This bundle is perfect for creative minds, giving them the resources to express themselves...
eco-kids milk paint

Milk Paint

Eco-kids poster paint is a cinch! Just add some H20 to their cleverly concocted milk powder and mineral pigments to whip up thick, ultra-fast drying water-based paint. Worry-free and eco-friendly,...
eco-kids porcelain palette

Porcelain Palette

The porcelain palette is extremely resilient and designed for years of continuous use. With the 12 pigment wells, creating hues is a breeze. Its glossy coating helps to protect against...
eco-kids sea & sky paint set

Sea & Sky Paint Set

The Sea & Sky Paint palette is an invigorating mix of soft, cool colors to inspire the imagination. The non-toxic, eco-friendly formulations feature pigments produced by the Society of Ochres,...