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Badger Natural Anti-Bug Spray

Natural Anti-Bug Spray

This Natural Anti-Bug Spray is the perfect DEET-free solution for summer bug protection. Made with non-toxic essential oils like citronella, rosemary, and wintergreen, it pairs well with a base of...
Badger Night Night Badger Balm 2oz

Night-Night Balm

Wind down and drift off with the Night Night Balm. Perfectly formulated for kids, this blend harnesses the calming power of chamomile and lavender to help young minds relax and...
Badger Organic Aromatherapy Travel Kit - 5pk

Organic Aromatherapy Travel Kit

This Organic Aromatherapy Travel Kit offers 5 revitalizing scents, including "Cheerful", "Focus", "Stress Soother", "Headache Soother", and "Yoga & Meditation", each with their own unique, 100% natural aroma to soothe...
Badger Organic Beard Balm 2oz

Organic Beard Balm

Experience the ultimate beard care with this nourishing and conditioning beard balm. Jojoba and babassu deeply penetrate to provide essential vitamins and fatty acids, while beeswax locks in moisture and...
Badger Organic Shaving Soap

Organic Shaving Soap Bar

Sick of painful ingrown hairs, cuts, and unpleasant shaves? We feel your pain! This bar of shaving soap is packed with coconut oil and aloe vera to give you a...
Stress Soother Aromatherapy Stick

Stress Soother Aromatherapy Stick

Lift yourself up with this Stress Soother Aromatherapy Stick! Featuring organic rosemary oil, tangerine, spearmint, and cedarwood, it will boost your mind and empower you from within. Roman chamomile and...
Badger Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm

This Organic Tattoo Balm defends and moisturizes fresh or existing tattoos, maintaining the vividness and boldness of their colors. Its nourishing blend of coconut oil and Tamanu oil is fragrance-free...
Badger Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream 2.9oz

Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream

Babies are bound to experience diaper rash at some point during their first 3 years. But don't worry, this Zinc Oxide Diaper Rash Cream will help you conquer it the...