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ZWS Essentials 4 Boxes / Fresh Linen Laundry Detergent Mini Kit - 2 or 4 Boxes

Laundry Detergent Mini Kit - 2 or 4 Boxes

From $39.98 USD
Refresh and simplify your laundry routine with our zero-waste laundry detergent sheets. Our detergent sheets are plastic-free, vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% plant-based. These sheets are a sustainable, lightweight, mess-free, and...
The Nada Shop Hand and Body Soap

Nourishing Hand and Body Soap- Glass or Metal Bottle, 16oz, Refillable, Recyclable

$28.00 USD
Suds yourself up intentionally with this moisturizing Hand and Body Soap. Plant based oils create a soap in a refillable container that allows you to wash over and over again...
ZWS Essentials Lavender Peppermint Soap Bar Mini Kit

Soap Bar Mini Kit

$29.47 USD
Ready to ditch the bottle and go retro? This bundle of a vegan, zero-waste, package-free, all-natural bar soap from Suds & Co., a soap saver bag, and a soap dish...