Salves and Balms

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All Good All Good Goop- All-in-One Healing Salve

All Good Goop- All-in-One Healing Salve

The All Good Goop Healing Salve is the ultimate fix-all product. With a blend of natural oils and plants, this miracle salve can soothe chapped lips, calm sunburns, and speed...
Badger Foot Balm 2oz

Foot Balm

Experience a refreshing and rejuvenating foot rescue with this Organic Foot Balm. Packed with naturally anti-bacterial peppermint, tea tree and rosemary essential oils, along with nourishing olive oil and jojoba,...
Fat and the Moon Kooch Quench Salve

Kooch Quench Salve

Get your vagina the hydration it needs with this Kooch Quench Salve! Crafted from moisturizing coconut oil infused with chamomile and lavender, this salve is the refreshing drink your vagina...
Badger Organic Beard Balm 2oz

Organic Beard Balm

Experience the ultimate beard care with this nourishing and conditioning beard balm. Jojoba and babassu deeply penetrate to provide essential vitamins and fatty acids, while beeswax locks in moisture and...
Badger Tattoo Balm

Tattoo Balm

This Organic Tattoo Balm defends and moisturizes fresh or existing tattoos, maintaining the vividness and boldness of their colors. Its nourishing blend of coconut oil and Tamanu oil is fragrance-free...