Post Pregnancy Essentials

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Fat and the Moon Herbal Mama Sitz Bath

Herbal Mama Sitz Bath

For generations, our ancestors have turned to sitz baths for postpartum comfort. But now, we present to you the Herbal Mama Sitz Bath! This unique 'tea' for vaginal wellness features...
Fat and the Moon Mama Mist Perineal Spray

Mama Mist Perineal Spray

Congratulations on successfully bringing new life into this world! Your body has done an incredible job, and now it deserves some extra care and love. That's where Mama Mist Perineal...
Fat and the Moon Nourishing Nipple Salve

Nourishing Nipple Salve

Breastfeeding can be hard work, so give your nipples some love with our soothing Nourishing Nipple Salve. Made with all-natural ingredients, this balm is perfect for in-between nursing sessions. Remember...