Cleaning Tools

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Redecker Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

Redecker created this handcrafted baby bottle brush specifically for cleaning baby bottles, but it's also great for tackling hard-to-clean bottles, jars, pitchers, and glassware. It's lightweight and easy to handle,...
Redecker Handcrafted Lint Brush

Handcrafted Lint Brush

This lint brush is unlike any lint brush you’ve ever used. The Redecker handcrafted lint brush is made with sustainably harvested beechwood for the handle and sustainably sourced rubber for...
Full Circle Home Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves

Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves

We all know life can get messy, and our hands bear the brunt of it. But fear not, for these Splash Patrol Natural Latex Cleaning Gloves have got you covered!...
Full Circle Home Grunge Buster Tile and Grout Brush

Recycled Tile and Grout Brush

Say goodbye to stubborn grout and shower grime with this Recycled Tile and Grout Brush! Made with reinforced plastic bristles and an ergonomic bamboo handle for your comfort. And when...