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Kooshoo Kooshoo Hair Ties- Blonde

Plastic Free Organic Hair Ties - 6 Colors, Sustainable Hair Ties, Organic Cotton, Natural Rubber

The first plastic-free hair ties in the world! Our zero waste hair ties are made of GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber, and ethically colored using low-impact dye, making them 100%...
Blue Heron Botanicals Lip Therapy Balm - Zero Waste Lip Balm, Vegan Chapstick, Organic, Plastic Free

Lip Therapy Balm - Zero Waste Lip Balm, Plastic Free, Organic, Multiple Flavors

From $9.95
Pay your kisser the proper lip service with an organic infusion of skin-soothing vitamins & nutrients from a curative array of Mother Nature’s most therapeutic plants. Our Zero Waste Lip Therapy...
Frank Green Ceramic Reusable Bottle 34oz (12 colors)

Ceramic Reusable Bottle - Reusable Water Bottle, BPA Free, Leak Proof, 34 ounces, 7 Colors

Made of ceramic and stainless steel, each extra-large bottle is triple-walled and vacuum insulated, maintaining the liquid temperature you desire for hours. 100% no nasty metallic taste and unbreakable, Frank Green's one-handed...
Frank Green Ceramic Coffee Mug 12oz (12 colors)

Ceramic Coffee Mug - Sustainable Coffee Mug, BPA Free, Leak Proof, 12 ounces, 12 Colors

Curved to fit comfortably in your hand, each Frank Green mug is one-of-a-kind. They are made of ceramic and stainless steel and each mug is triple-walled and vacuum insulated, keeping...
Made by Minga Summer Bucket Hat - Preorder

Summer Bucket Hat - Sustainable Hat, Handmade, All Natural Plant Fibers

Only a Limited Amount in Stock - Crafted by hand and in small batches by Made by Minga talented women artisan group. Materials: Handmade from naturally-dyed, vegan, cabuya plant fiber. Features: Flexible...
Made by Minga Straw Boater Hat

Straw Boater Hat - Sustainable Hat, Handmade, 100% Ecuadorian Toquilla Straw

From $139.00
Handwoven by artisans in Ecuador, this classic toquilla palm straw hat features a stiff wide-brim and vegetable-tanned leather tie and strap for days spent under the sun. Made by Minga partner's...
Schutten Woodworks Bamboo Mason Jar Lid

Bamboo Mason Jar Lid

$10.99 From $6.99
A handmade, bamboo lid that provides perfectly smooth snap-on action for your mason jars! Great for bringing your beverages on-the-go, having a cocktail at the beach, and for children to...
Simply Straws Fire / 10" Glass Straw 6-Pack Set, 6, 8 & 10 Inch

Glass Straw 6-Pack Set, 6, 8 or 10 Inch

Meet the equivalent of your everyday straw. Reduce your plastic straw use from 38,000 to 1 with this glass straw pack. Great for all liquids and well-blended smoothies, it is...
ZWS Essentials Bamboo Hairbrush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

Bamboo Hair Brush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, Plastic Free, 100% Bamboo, Compostable

Zero waste and plastic free hair brush! Our Bamboo Hair Brush is a great alternative to those made with plastic and other synthetic materials. It has a natural and comfortable...
Beevive Bee Revival Kit - Butterfly & Bee Reviver, Keychain, Black or Gold

Bee Revival Kit - Butterfly & Bee Reviver, Keychain, Black or Gold

Calling all Pollinator lovers, you can now save a tired Bee or Butterfly with this one-of-a-kind Bee revival keychain! Filled with a sugar water solution that is housed in a...
Eco Bags Natural Cotton String Bag

Organic Cotton String Bag - Zero Waste Mesh Bag, Plastic Free, Market Tote

This amazing, handy string bag can fit right into your purse, center console, or pocket and be brought along with you on your next adventure. With its light, stretchable fabric,...
Zero Waste Store Agave Soap Saver Bag

Agave Soap Saver Bag

Extend the life of your zero waste soap bars with this small exfoliating soap bag! Made from natural agave fiber, this bag helps you use up every last scrap of...
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