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Redecker Darning Mushroom

Darning Mushroom

Mend rather than replace with the Darning Mushroom! This handmade tool from Germany is crafted from sustainable beechwood and will make you a mending expert. With its curved surface, you...
Redecker Pumice Stone

Pumice Stone

Pamper your hardworking hands and feet with the pumice stone. Crafted from all-natural lava stone, it's the ideal tool for smoothing, softening, and removing calluses and dry skin. Plus, the...
Redecker Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

Baby Bottle Cleaning Brush

Redecker created this handcrafted baby bottle brush specifically for cleaning baby bottles, but it's also great for tackling hard-to-clean bottles, jars, pitchers, and glassware. It's lightweight and easy to handle,...
Redecker Handcrafted Wooden Comb

Handcrafted Wooden Comb

Carry it in your pocket and take it with you wherever you roam - this handcrafted wooden comb is the perfect "on-the-go" accessory! The all-natural, masterfully crafted, dark stained beechwood...
Redecker Handcrafted Lint Brush

Handcrafted Lint Brush

This lint brush is unlike any lint brush you’ve ever used. The Redecker handcrafted lint brush is made with sustainably harvested beechwood for the handle and sustainably sourced rubber for...
Redecker Beechwood Face Brush

Beechwood Face Brush

Experience a better clean and refreshed face with the Beechwood Face Brush! Crafted with sustainable materials like oiled beechwood and delicate goat hair bristles, this brush gently exfoliates your skin....
Redecker Stainless Steel Beard Scissors

Stainless Steel Beard Scissors

Elevate your beard game with these Stainless Steel Beard Scissors! Crafted in Germany using eco-friendly stainless steel, these beard trimmers let you expertly sculpt and snip your facial hair. With...
Redecker Wooden Afro Comb

Wooden Afro Comb

Fits perfectly in your pocket, you can bring this handcrafted wooden afro comb with you anywhere you go. Crafted masterfully, the all-natural wooden comb is made with oiled olive wood....
Redecker Plastic Free Vegetable Peeler

Plastic Free Vegetable Peeler

Peel vegetables and fruits with this artisanal peeler. Crafted from durable stainless steel, this peeler will last forever (though it's also 100% recyclable, just in case). Materials: Stainless steel Care:...
Redecker Handcrafted Tea Scoop

Handcrafted Tea Scoop

The Redecker handcrafted tea scoop is a household essential item for scooping coffee grinds, loose tea, dry foods, and spices. You can even use it in your bathroom for bath...
Redecker Handcrafted Cat Brush

Handcrafted Cat Brush

Indulge your feline friends with this artisanal cat brush. Your kitty will thank you, and your floors will too, with less hairball cleanup. Crafted from eco-friendly materials such as natural...