Paper Towel Replacement

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ZWS Essentials Zero Waste Sponge Cloth- Swedish Dish Cloth, Paper Towel Replacement, Kitchen Sponge

Zero Waste Sponge Cloth - Swedish Dish Cloth, Paper Towel Replacement, Kitchen Sponge, 14 Styles

From $5.49
One of our favorite products ever! Sponge cloths aka swedish dish cloths replace up 17 rolls of paper towels each and help reduce your overall waste a ton! They are...
ZWS Essentials Reusable Paper Towels

Reusable Paper Towels - 100% Organic Cotton, 12 or 24 Pack

From $25.99
It's time to ditch the single-use paper towels for this organic, reusable alternative. Every day, over 51,000 trees are cut down to support America's paper towel habit, and it's completely unnecessary! This swap saves...
ZWS Essentials Zero Waste Dish Brush Kit

Zero Waste Dish Brush Kit

Tackle dirty, hard-to-clean dishes with our biodegradable, home compostable and sustainable Dish Brush Kit.  Everything you need to handle any task in the sink that requires a lil' elbow grease.  Our...
ZWS Essentials Dish Washing Super Kit

Dish Washing Super Kit

$96.99 $72.75
We've designed our new *Super* Kits with all of the essentials you need to help reduce your waste at a more affordable cost. Everything you need for sustainable, plastic-free dish...