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Fat and the Moon
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Fat and the Moon Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo - Zero Waste Dry Shampoo, Vegan, 2 fl. oz.

Lavender & Cocoa Dry Shampoo - Zero Waste Dry Shampoo, Vegan, 2 fl. oz.

$18.00 USD
Lavender and cocoa deliciously pair up to perk up oily tresses in this natural dry shampoo.  Cocoa powder ensures hair doesn't look dull and powdery while arrowroot starch and kaolin...
Fat and the Moon Sage & Rose Face Mist

Sage & Rose Face Mist - All Natural Face Mist, Vegan, Organic, Toner, 2 oz.

From $16.00 USD
Energize your face and your spirit with Fat And The Moon's botanically formulated spritz and toner.  Organic Rose Geranium hydrosol's mild plant acids tackle grime-causing bacteria, Jojoba oil relieves oiliness...
Fat and the Moon Face Oil

Face Oil - Zero Waste Face Oil, Vegan, All Natural, Dry & Oily Skin, Aged Skin, 1-2 fl. oz.

From $24.00 USD
Glowing complexions everywhere are in on a new mantra...bring on the oil! Oil is not your skin's enemy but it's sweet, sweet hydrating friend. The light yet potent oil blend...
Fat and the Moon Babies Healing Dust

Babies Healing Dust - Diaper Powder, Vegan, Organic, Talc-Free, 2 oz.

$16.00 USD
Dust that derriere with the magic of pure plants that help absorb moisture and protect bebe's bum.  Talc-free, corn free and organic this powder leaves behind harmful sugars that can...
Fat and the Moon Growing Belly Balm

Growing Belly Balm - Zero Waste Belly Balm, Organic, Vegan, Plastic Free, 2 fl. oz.

$20.00 USD
For the mommas-to-be, this whipped butter balm offers superior support for stretchin' skin.  Moisturizing cocoa and shea butters are deliciously paired with apricot kernel oil to sustain skin on it's...
Fat and the Moon Moon Fat Bod Oil

Bod Oil - Sustainable Body Oil, Vegan, Organic, All Natural, 4 fl. oz.

$36.00 USD
Protect and sustain your earth armor with an oil that evokes the mothering of the moon.  Moon Fat Bod Oil merges the magic of Apricot Kernel, Jojoba and Rosehip Seed...