The Zero Waste Starter Kit

Everything you need to start your journey

This Zero Waste Starter Kit is a full-immersion intro into zero waste and sustainable everyday essentials. We’ve hand-selected 16 of our top-rated 100% plastic-free products across the Kitchen, Bathroom, Laundry, and On-the-Go to help you cut back on plastic waste. Create sustainable routines you can build on for years to come with all the essentials in one planet-saving box.

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$99.99 $214.35

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A first step into sustainable living

The Zero Waste Starter Kit

Zero Waste Starter Kit$99.99  $214.35

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Plastic Has Consumed Every Aspect Of Our Lives

Did you know the majority of plastic ever created since the dawn of time (okay, the 1950s) still exists in some form, it’s even inside our bodies. And it’s going to outlive us all. And our grandkids, and our grandkids’ grandkids, and our grandkids’ grandkids’ kids!

Over 1 million marine organisms are killed each year due to ocean plastic pollution.

Plastic takes 450 years to never to decompose (AKA break down into smaller microplastics)

Only 9% of all the plastic waste ever generated has been recycled.

33 billion pounds of plastic pollute the ocean each year.

It's time to break the single-use habit and end plastic pollution.

You're the Key to a Greener Future!

Every individual has the power to make a positive change to help end plastic pollution. Whether you believe it or not, small everyday habits can create big impacts on the future of our planet. We drive the demand based on what we consume and discard every year.

It is time time to rethink the way we consume!

Unfortunately, we all do not have the time or means to be the next Greta Thunberg or to accumulate an amount of trash that only fits into a mason jar. Come on, we are talking real life here and that is not realistic. You need something that helps you make small, sustainable changes that fit into every area of your life. And you need it quickly! You have to think about work, school, family, kids, groceries, and of course TikTok!

Zero Waste Starter Kit

The Zero Waste Starter Kit is everything you need to start reducing your waste quickly and easily.

Try It Totally Risk-Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

$99.99 $214.35

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What’s Included in Your Kit:

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Save Hundreds While Saving The Planet

Get all of the essentials in one planet-saving box now!  

Try It Totally Risk-Free With Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

"It’s a one-time introduction to the world of zero waste and easy sustainable swaps to help you learn what you love, what works for you, and what easily fits into your routine. Kick single-use plastic to the curb for good and get started on reducing your waste!"

Sarah C. - CEO & Founder

$99.99 $214.35


Get it for 50% OFF, while supplies last!

A Guilt-Free and Planet-Friendly Unboxing Experience!

We’re not going to lie to you, we’re basic AF. Our packaging that is!

We’re proud to use the most basic, earth-friendly, and necessary packaging to get products to your door quickly and safely. We mean it when we say this is the most planet-friendly unboxing you’ll ever experience. 

No fancy packing, pretty wrapping, or tacky branding all over our boxes.
Yes to affordable, high-quality products made from materials that are better for you and gentle on the planet. Take a peek at the materials we use below

Cardboard Box


Packaging Peanuts

Dissolves in water

Kraft Paper

Recyclable/compostable/reusable (hello gift wrapping)

Paper Tape




Product Packaging (if any)


All Products


Zero Waste Starter Kit

Everything You Need to Save the Planet

Cape not included (it's probably made of plastic anyway)




On The Go

$99.99 $214.35

Get it for 50% OFF, while supplies last!


What Our Zero Waste Heroes Have to Say

Rave reviews from change-makers like you!


“I cannot believe how many wonderful products were included in this kit. The unpaper towels are great for my newborn. I can’t wait to try the rest of my sustainable swaps!”


“I couldn’t pass up the deal on this many products. I’ve tried a few of them before but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get some old favorites and try some new ones for new habits. I’ll for sure be recommending this to all my friends and sending a few out for birthdays!”


“I have been wanting to try so many of these for so long. I’m so happy ZWS created this intro kit. It truly is a perfect introduction to more low-waste and sustainable living and I already know which product subscriptions I’ll be setting up!”


Why Should You Buy From Us?

Our goal at ZWS is to be the most trusted source for sustainable brands & products for everyday life. Saving the planet from the mess of conventional consumerism (i.e. plastic) is no easy feat, but we’re here for the challenge! Every imperfect journey towards a waste-free life and every sustainable decision makes a difference in our mission for a greener tomorrow. 

To learn more about, by visiting the "Who We Are" page.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Amy K
I’m hooked on ZWS!

I have been little by little switching over many of my products to plastic free zero waste! When zero was offered a trial pack Special I jumped on it. There’s so many items that I am going to move to after that! The laundry detergent sheets are awesome, bamboo toothbrush awesome, now I’m going to ditch the plastic toothpaste tubes and go to toothpaste tablets! Looking forward to a truly clean, (cleaner?)house and body!


So much for so little!(bought on sale) good products

Marley Busher
Zero Waste Kit

Super awesome kit! I got it on sale and it came with everything I was looking at getting! I especially love the produce bags.

gretchen lehrer
Best gifts

The best gifts for anyone on your list

Melissa Chaffins
Best Chang of my Life

I absolutely love everything that came in this kit. I use it all, but my favorite product so far as the Wool dryer balls, dish brushes, and reusable paper towels. My husband loves the safety razor and the shampoo/conditioner bars. Switching to a more sustainable life with this kit made things so much easier. We'll be back for more.