A Sustainable Amazon Alternative

ZeroWasteStore.com has the ease and accessibility of online shopping without compromising the planet of your values.

Amazon has its perks, but what about people and the planet? We’ve created an alternative marketplace that's just as easy, with a focus on ethics and sustainability.


We get it. You care about the planet, and you love browsing cute sustainable stores, but amid work, life, and having fun, sometimes the easiest option wins.

Enter Amazon: the world’s largest online retailer. If you’ve been seduced by the ‘Buy Now’ button, you’re not alone. The site has over 310 million active users.

But convenience comes at a cost. And for retailers like Amazon, that cost is pretty darn huge.

The demands of its just-about-everything options and lightning-speed delivery inevitably put a lot of pressure on the planet and its workers.


Online shopping doesn’t have to be this way. At ZeroWasteStore.com, we believe the most sustainable choice can be the easiest one.

We’re an alternative to Amazon that sells sustainable household essentials, made by small businesses, with all the ease of online shopping.

Our goal is to make sustainable shopping accessible for everyone, so nobody has to choose between their values and convenience.


Why You Should Reconsider Your Amazon Purchase

While we couldn’t go incognito and sneak into Amazon ourselves, we have found many reports online you might want to consider before you make your next purchase. Brace yourself for some not-so-fun facts…


1. Their fast delivery has a mammoth carbon footprint

With its 200 million+ Prime subscribers demanding next-day delivery, Amazon’s carbon emissions stack up fast.

Amazon’s 2022 sustainability report shows a carbon footprint of 71.27 million metric tons of C02e - equivalent to over 7000 round trips from NYC to London!


2. Many employees have voiced concerns about working conditions.

In a 2023 survey by University of Illinois Chicago, 70% of Amazon workers surveyed said they had to take unpaid time off due to exhaustion or injury in the past month.

This matches up with TUC’s 2020 ‘Challenging Amazon’ report that revealed many Amazon workers felt they couldn’t take breaks or that they would be penalized for speaking out.


3. There’s concern their market dominance is damaging smaller businesses.

A 2019 survey by The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) found that 75% of indie retailers see Amazon as a major threat to their survival.

While it’s a bustling marketplace for various sellers, there’s a feeling that the playing field might not be entirely level…

The ILSR points out that Amazon makes it harder for sellers to generate sales unless they buy additional Amazon services and even uses sellers’ data to create copy-cat versions of their products.


4. Huge amounts of Amazon’s packaging have been found in our Oceans.

The mad rush of deliveries each day comes with a mega pile of waste, especially when many products sold on Amazon aren’t packaged with the planet in mind.

Oceana did the maths: they estimate that up to 23.5 million pounds of Amazon’s plastic packaging waste polluted waterways in 2020 alone - that’s like tossing a van full of plastic into the oceans every 67 minutes!

91% of Amazon Prime users surveyed said they think it should reduce its plastic packaging. Online shoppers want plastic-free alternatives. It’s time we deliver.

The Alternative: Shop Online with Your Ethics In Mind

Search engines might have you believe Amazon is the only online retailer, but alternatives do exist.

And we're one.

Admittedly, we don’t have a hefty stock some of the big players do, and we can’t promise you’ll get your novelty socks the next day, but we do think we’ve got a pretty good gig going.

ZeroWasteStore.com is an ethical online marketplace for the everyday consumer, so you can find a sustainable swap for just about any everyday household item, in a couple of clicks.


Everything You Need

Whatever it is you need, from kitchen and cleaning supplies to gifts and beauty products, there’s a high chance we’ll have a sustainable alternative.



What if we told you Amazon might not be the lightest option on the wallet? A Prime subscription costs $140/year or $14/month. With us, you get free shipping when you spend over $50 on our long-lasting and reusable products.


Sustainable Shipping

We've nailed the balance between speed and sustainability. Our everyday USPS mail and carbon offsetting at checkout ensure your product reaches you in the most environmentally mindful way.


Support Small

We’ll make sure your hard-earned dollar goes towards carefully vetted small businesses and environmental non-profits through our partnerships.


Speak To A Human

There are no robots around here. We’re easy to get ahold of and you can talk to a real person within minutes via phone, live chat, or email.


Rewards & Points

We care about every one of our customers. With our rewards program, you can earn points with every purchase and redeem free or discounted goodies as a thank-you for your loyalty.

With ZeroWasteStore.com, transitioning to life after Amazon is easier than ever.

‘‘Online shopping has made it easier for everyone, no matter their location or circumstance, to get the things they need. Yet, it’s gained an ugly reputation. Your time and money are precious resources; they should go somewhere you feel good about. That’s why we created ZeroWasteStore: to make sustainable shopping accessible for everyone’’

– Sarah, ZeroWasteStore Founder

Explore ZeroWasteStore: An Alternative to Amazon

We’re not out to shame anyone’s purchasing habits or to suggest that we’re the ultimate or only solution.We’re here to help you find a balance between ease and ethics when online shopping.

Don’t see a sustainable product you usually get from Amazon? Let us know and we’ll work on adding it!