Sarah spends her leisure hours outdoors, surrounding herself in the natural world. Whether she is at the beach, gardening for nature's pollinators, or walking a trail with her dogs -Jax and Kane - Sarah is inspired by nature. Raised in a small Florida town, Sarah grew up on the water playing and learning about Florida's native wildlife. Through her life experiences, Sarah has learned about the impact humans have on the earth. From a young age she began working in beach cleanups, with local conservation groups, and volunteering at a wildlife care center nursing injured, sick, or orphaned animals back to health. Today, Sarah is a board member with her county's Conservation Alliance and the director of their Anti-Plastic campaign. "Plastic, especially packaging, is invading every part of our lives and our landfills" says Sarah. "For example, it takes up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to degrade as compared to cotton that takes only 5 months. As a result, plastic harms the earth, wildlife, and our environment." Having grown up on the coast, Sarah is working with the community and local officials to make her hometown more ocean-friendly. "Living a low-waste life is one of the best ways to preserve the environment, " says Sarah. "It is important to shop stores where items don't come in plastic packaging. It sends an important message." Zero Waste Store provides an online alternative so that consumers can have easy access to more eco-friendly and healthier products. Whether you are looking for health and beauty items, cleaning products, or pet-care, Zero Waste Store carries products that are earth and ocean friendly, all natural, sustainably sourced, palm oil free, cruelty free, and zero waste! Got questions? We're here help. You can reach us at