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The Face of Zero Waste Store:

Founder of Zero Waste Store, Sarah Cieslinski, spends most of her time outdoors, surrounding herself in nature. Whether it be gardening, at the beach, or walking a trail with her dogs, Sarah loves spending time outside. Living in a small town in South Florida, she has grown up on the water and learning about native Florida wildlife. As she got older, she started to notice the impact we have on our planet. She started participating in beach cleanups, building a butterfly garden for pollinators, and getting involved with local conservation groups. She has learned how much one person can make an impact and decided to start an online store where people can have easy access to more eco-friendly, healthier alternatives. “I learn something new every day. I have a long way to go, but I am working towards living as low-waste as I can. Living in Port Saint Luce, it really is tough to find grocery items not wrapped in some sort of packaging.” As a board member of the Conservation Alliance, Sarah has started an “Anti-Plastic” Campaign. She is working with the community and local officials to get them to become more ocean-friendly. She also works part-time at a wildlife center, where native wildlife that are injured, sick, or orphaned, are rehabbed and released back into the wild.


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