Zero Waste Household

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Fillaree Clean Plate Club Dish Soap Unscented Refillable Dish Soap

Refillable Dish Soap

From $38.00
Natural hardworking ingredients get your dirty dishes sparkling with minimal effort.  This non-toxic blend is safe on your hands as well as waterways and graywater systems. Refill your 16oz bottle 4...
Saged Home Glass Spray Bottle

Glass Spray Bottle with Recipe Sticker

This reusable glass spray bottle makes it easy to mix your own DIY all-purpose cleaner at home. The label on the back of the bottle includes two recipes that will be...
The Home Farm Home Farm Hand Soap

Home Farm Hand Soap

This organic, biodegradable hand soap is hardworking and nondrying. Perfect for busy hands and next to your kitchen or bathroom sink, or at your office! Each  bottle will leave your...
Fillaree LLC Lemon Lavender Starter Kit Refillable Hand & Body Soap

Refillable Hand & Body Soap

From $42.00
A luxe all-natural soap that can be used as a hand soap or body wash. Made with high-quality, nourishing ingredients. Available in four different scents. Refill the same bottles over and...
Earthy Edith's Simple Stone Cleaner

Stone Cleaner Spray - Vegan, Refillable, Granite Disinfectant

From $21.99
Your new go-to cleaner specially blended to disinfect granite surfaces while leaving them clean and full of shine. How does it clean? Grain alcohol is PH neutral, making it safe to...
Lauren Carrozzi A Zero Waste Guide to Housecleaning E-Book

"A Zero Waste Guide to Housecleaning E-Book"

In this insightful ebook, Lauren of @mommyturnsgreen, provides an in-depth list of 23 recipes on how to clean your home naturally, simply, and mindfully. These natural cleaning recipes are perfect for your home,...
The Home Farm Home Farm All-Purpose Spray

Home Farm All-Purpose Spray

The Home Farm All-Purpose Spray is made with a blend of organic oils and is perfect for cleaning your counters, floors, wood, tile or other household surfaces! It is 100%...
Fillaree LLC Refillable Cleaner Spray

Refillable Cleaner Spray

From $27.00
This Refillable Cleaning Spray is the only cleaner you'll need to scrub down countertops, porcelain, bathroom fixtures, and more in every room of your home. It works on all nonporous surfaces...
Earth + Element Ceramic Soap Dispenser

Ceramic Soap Dispenser - Low Waste Soap Dispenser, Stoneware Soap Dispenser, Handmade in USA

Cleanse your life of wastefully mass-produced products with a rustic ceramic Ceramic Soap Dispenser, made with care from loving hands and a conscious concern for our planet. Each unique piece...