Zero Waste Hair Care

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Suds & Co. Zero Waste Tropical Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Collection

Zero Waste Tropical Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Collection

$89.99 USD
Our zero waste, nutrient-packed Shampoo & Conditioner Bar Collection, Tropical Edition, is perfect for summertime! Each bar has a plethora of benefits and works to enhance shine, promote hair growth,...
Zero Waste Store Zero Waste Shower Bundle

Zero Waste Hair Care Mini Kit

$47.46 USD
Elevate your hair care routine the zero-waste way with our hair care mini kit. Complete with our salon-quality shampoo and conditioner bars, agave soap saver bag and a plastic-free soap...
Zero Waste Store Hair Care Super Kit

Hair Care Super Kit

$66.46 USD $51.99 USD
We've designed our new *Super* Kits with all of the essentials you need to help reduce your waste at a more affordable cost. Having clean, healthy hair doesn't have to...
Suds & Co. Sunshine Bathroom Bundle

Sunshine Bathroom Bundle

$63.99 USD From $53.99 USD
Upgrade your shower routine with this sweet-smelling bundle that has you covered from your head to your toes! This full coverage set includes our #1 best-selling shampoo and conditioner bars,...

Everyday hair essentials that you will love! Made from all natural ingredients and completely biodegradable.