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ZeroWasteStore.com Bath Crayons

All Natural Bath Crayons - Kids Bath Toys

Introducing the Honeysticks Bath Crayons, perfect for making bath time creative and fun! Made with 100% natural, food-grade ingredients, this jumbo-sized set of 7 vibrant colors comes with a handy canister...
Honeysticks Honeysticks Bath Drops

All Natural Fizzing Bath Drops

Trying to think of a way to make bath time more fun and enjoyable for your children without the waste from chemical dyes or wasteful, plastic toys? Try these all-natural,...
Honeysticks Children's Paint Brush Sets

Children's Paint Brush Sets

Let your kiddos' masterpieces shine with our luxe Honeysticks Paint Brush sets! Stylish, renewable wooden handles provide a comfy grip for easy brush strokes, and the animal-friendly bristles and non-toxic ingredients...
Honeysticks The Creative Kid Coloring Set

Honeysticks Arts Sets, 100% Recycled Paper, Biodegradable

From $35.99
Nurture creativity and help little ones improve their fine motor skills with Honeysticks Paint and Art Sets for toddlers and kids. Each kit comes with carefully chosen products made with 100%...
Honeysticks Endangered Animals Coloring Book - 100% Recycled Paper, Biodegradable

Honeysticks Coloring Book - 100% Recycled Paper, Biodegradable

Help foster your toddlers creativity with The Endangered Animals Adventure Coloring Book and the A North American Adventure Coloring Book. Made from 100% recycled paper, Honeysticks large coloring book is a fun way to educate,...
Honeysticks Natural Beeswax Crayons

Natural Beeswax Crayons - Eco Friendly Crayons, 100% Pure Beeswax, 12 Colors

Jumbo coloring sticks made out of 100% pure New Zealand Beeswax and food grade ingredients! 12 vibrant colors in a hard to break size will get little imaginations running wild...
Honeysticks Honeysticks Natural Watercolor Paints

Natural Watercolor Paints, Food Grade Ingredients, 8 Colors

Watch your little artist shine with our Natural Water Color Paint set in 8 vibrant colors. Using food-grade natural ingredients, you can have peace of mind while their imagination runs wild. ...