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Erleia All Natural Lotion Bar,  3 oz

All Natural Lotion Bar, 2 oz

A sustainable easy-to-apply moisturizer that combines the properties of a body butter with the convenience of  a lip balm to offer just the right amount of nourishing moisture. The carefully curated...
Erleia Heel & Foot Repair Balm

Heel & Foot Repair Balm

Heel & Foot Repair Balm from Erleia (Chuan's Promise) is a potent emollient specifically formulated to relieve and rejuvenate dried, cracked skin. Its pleasant, creamy texture melts easily and makes...
Erleia Humble Powder Cleanser

Humble Powder Cleanser

Humble Powder Cleanser is Erleia (previously Chuan's Promise's) all natural, handcrafted daily cleanser made with a base of organic white rice powder and Kaolin clay.  Rice powder and Kaolin clay...
Erleia Signature Clay Mask

Signature Clay Mask

Signature Clay Mask is an all natural blend of Bentonite and Moroccan red clay from Chuan's Promise. This clay mask absorbs excess oils, dirt, and bacteria from your skin's surface...
Erleia Solid Face Moisturizers

Solid Face Moisturizers

A combination of organic jojoba oil, almond oil and kokum butter make these solid face moisturizers light, non-greasy and quickly absorbed. Acne Fighting Balm addresses skin issues such as overactive...
Erleia Under Eye Balm

Under Eye Balm

Don't let the dainty packaging fool you—Under Eye Balm from Chaun's Promise packs a serious punch and it'll last you a long time. They trialed a ton of eye creams...