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Beeswrap Large Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax Food Wrap - Single - Zero Waste Food Wraps, Organic, Plastic Free

From $6.00
Kick plastic food storage to the curb! These reusable beeswax food wraps are perfect for wrapping leftover produce, baked goods, or your lunch for the day. Each wrap can last...
Earth + Element Ceramic Pourer

Ceramic Pourer - Plastic Free Pitcher, Small or Medium, Handmade in USA

From $47.00
Earth + Element Pourer paired with our Tiny Cups make the perfect morning combo. Stoneware | Dishwasher Safe | Lead-Free | Handmade in LA Medium pourer is roughly 5" inches...
Awoo Huggie Harness

Huggie Harness

From $45.00
Take your furry friend wherever you go with the lightweight, padded mesh Huggie Harness. The adjustable neck and chest comfortably grow with your pup and the multiple connection points are... Reusable Pad with Carrying Pouch

LastPad - Reusable Menstrual Pad

From $18.00
This reusable menstrual pad will save your wallet and the environment all while keeping you comfortable during your most uncomfortable time of the month. The LastPad is equipped with a...
Made by Minga Leather Wallet

Leather Wallet - Sustainable Wallet, Handmade, Vegetable Tanned Leather, Multiple Colors

From $48.00
Handmade from skilled artisans, this wallet is made from high quality, vegetable tanned leather. Sizes: The small is perfect pocket size and medium enough to hold change, cards and folded bills. The...
Awoo Marty Collar

Marty Collar

From $25.00
 If your pup is a little Houdini when it comes to their collars, being able to back up and escape out, then the Marty collar is your secure go-to.  A...
Hudson Houndstooth Large / Blue Organic Pet Rope Toy

Organic Pet Rope Toy - Eco Friendly Dog Toy, Certified Organic Cotton, Recycled Materials, Multiple Sizes & Colors

From $18.00
Our beautiful, interactive macrame dog toys are handmade from 100% OEKO-TEX certified Organic Cotton. The cotton is also 100% recycled, salvaged from the garment industry. Stylish, soft and easy to...
Awoo Roam Harness

Roam Harness

From $35.00
Roam around with comfort and control by strapping your beastie into a sustainable harness that is made from 100% GRS-certified recycled polyester.  This soft and durable harness is designed with a...
Saalt Saalt Menstrual Cup

Saalt Menstrual Cup

From $29.00
Super gentle, comfortable, and flexible, the Saalt Cup is made with medical grade silicone in the USA. Designed for every body, it is worn internally like a tampon, but collects‚ rather...
No Tox Life Underarm Detox Bar

Underarm Detox Bar - Vegan, Plastic Free

From $5.99
On the road to switching to natural deodorants after years of conventional antiperspirants...? Make a pit stop with our Underarm Detox Bar! After years of slathering on aluminum deodorants, your...