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Nature's Footprint Without Worms Worm Factory Compost System

Worm Factory Compost System - Worm Composting Bin, Made In USA, Recycled Plastic, 6 Trays

From $137.95
The Worm Factory is a kitchen and household waste factory, simple to set up and operate, and only takes about 15 minutes per week to manage! Included with each Worm Factory...
Modern Sprout Herb Jar and Hydroponic Grow Kit

Herb Jar and Hydroponic Grow Kit

Transform your kitchen into an herb garden paradise with the Herb Jar and Self-Watering Planter! This all-inclusive kit includes a self-watering system with recycled glass beads instead of traditional soil...
GrowOya Garden Oya™ Watering Pot (SC)

Oya™ Garden Watering Pot

From $34.95
This item is excluded from free shipping and has a $15 flat rate shipping cost. Crafted from a one-of-a-kind and breathable clay blend, the Oya™ Watering Pot cuts down watering...
Repots 100% Recycled Plastic Planter Pots

100% Recycled Plastic Planter Pots

From $45.00
Bring your outdoor spaces to life with these sustainable and stylish RePots planters! Carefully crafted from 100% recycled maritime materials, like fishing nets, trawls, and ropes, these creative pots are...
Greentools Hungry Bin

Hungry Bin Worm Compost Bin

The Hungry Bin is a clean, simple, easy-to-use, continuous flow-through worm composter designed to make reducing waste as easy as possible. No more cranking or lifting heavy bins, as the...
Modern Sprout Produce Keepers

Produce Keepers

Our Produce Keepers strive to elongate the lifespan of your herbs and leafy greens by using a propagation plate, allowing you to enjoy the satisfaction of caring for your plants...
Modern Sprout Cosmic Seed Kit

Cosmic Seed Kit

Inspired by their mission to connect people and plants, Modern Sprout Cosmic Seed Kits were created to surprise and delight plant lovers with flowers inspired by the cosmos. Learn more...
Modern Sprout Organic Plant Nutrient

Organic Plant Nutrient

Watch your plants thrive with the Organic Plant Nutrient! This all-natural blend is a perfect way to rejuvenate your plant's soil and provide them with the essential nutrients they need...
Modern Sprout Botanical Keepers

Botanical Keepers

Enjoy the delight of caring for your plant propagations and fresh cuttings with this Botanical Keeper. This propagation plate makes creating aesthetic floral displays and propagating your cherished plants a...
Modern Sprout Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit

Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit

Get growing with the Tiny Terracotta Planter Kit! This all-inclusive kit is perfect for beginner plant parents or as a fun gift. The hardy plants and internal hydroponic system ensure...