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eco-kids eco-dough - make your own

Eco-Dough - Make Your Own

Promote tactile and visual exploration and enjoy the satisfaction and enjoyment of creating over two pounds of plant-based food grade eco dough! No boiling water or cooking required. 
eco-kids flower press

flower press

Preserve the colorful beauty of summer flowers & autumn leaves. Once pressed and dried, the translucent quality of flowers resemble stained glass with which you can decorate candles or glass...
eco-kids make your own eco-dough bundle

Make Your Own Eco-Dough Bundle

Molders, sculpters and mini creators have access to materials to make their imaginations come to life. This bundle is perfect for creative minds, giving them the resources to express themselves...
eco-kids egg coloring kit

egg coloring and grass growing kit

Enjoy the perfect balance of creativity and sustainability with the Eco Kids USA Egg Coloring & Seed Growing Kit! This eco-friendly kit includes non-toxic, biodegradable materials for hours of eco-conscious...