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eco-kids analu therapy dough

analu therapy dough

Analu Therapy Dough is a handmade, scented putty formulated to help children fight the fidgets.  Inspired by putty used by art therapists Eco-Kids added special blends of pure essential oils, restless minds...
eco-kids Finger Paint

Finger Paint

  Just add H2O! These fun, non-toxic finger paints come in four vibrant hues crafted from naturally-derived powders and food-safe, non-GMO ingredients like potatoes, rice, and beans. Plus, they're pigmented...
eco-kids earth paint set

earth paint set

Ancient civilizations took advantage of natural mineral deposits on the surface of the earth to create colors for artwork. Eco-Kids earth paint set contains a variety of these shimmering, all-natural...
eco-kids eco-dough bundle

eco-dough bundle

Eco-Dough offers a safe and natural play experience with no added chemicals or artificial dyes, and its coloration is sourced from plant and vegetable extracts. This bundle offers a fun...
eco-kids eco-dough (3 pk)

eco-dough (3 pk)

Let your kids enjoy worry free play with the non-toxic play dough from eco-kids! Made from all natural ingredients, this eco-dough is a safe option for building, molding, and sculpting...
eco-kids analu holiday sampler

analu holiday sampler

This holiday sampler contains therapy dough infused with calming essential oils of peppermint and pumpkin spice. Developed by art therapists, this dough works to lower stress levels and induces relaxation...
eco-kids análú therapy dough - peppermint

análú therapy dough - peppermint

  Formulated with pure essential oil of peppermint and vegetable pigment, análú therapy dough - peppermint offers a special holiday scent experience. Inhale slowly and exhale completely to enjoy a...
eco-kids milk paint

milk paint

Eco-kids poster paint is a cinch! Just add some H20 to their cleverly concocted milk powder and mineral pigments to whip up thick, ultra-fast drying water-based paint. Worry-free and eco-friendly,...
eco-kids sea & sky paint set

sea & sky paint set

The Sea & Sky Paint palette is an invigorating mix of soft, cool colors to inspire the imagination. The non-toxic, eco-friendly formulations feature pigments produced by the Society of Ochres,...
eco-kids a dog at the beach

a dog at the beach

Create and preserve precious summer memories! Everything you need including sand casting medium and a package ofbeach treasures are included in our unique kit. Just add water and bake! *...
eco-kids porcelain palette

porcelain palette

The porcelain palette is extremely resilient and designed for years of continuous use. With the 12 pigment wells, creating hues is a breeze. Its glossy coating helps to protect against...
eco-kids stocking stuffer bundle

stocking stuffer bundle

Miniature creators can unleash their inspirations in any environment. Beeswax crayons, colored pencils, dino scroll, tri-color eco-dough and a beeswax candle kit make for an ideal selection for imaginative minds.  ...
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