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eco-kids Finger Paint

Finger Paint

Just add H2O! These fun, non-toxic finger paints come in four vibrant hues crafted from naturally-derived powders and food-safe, non-GMO ingredients like potatoes, rice, and beans. Plus, they're pigmented with...
eco-kids lemon drop análú Therapy Dough

análú Therapy Dough

Analu Therapy Dough is a handmade, scented putty formulated to help children fight the fidgets.  Inspired by putty used by art therapists Eco-Kids added special blends of pure essential oils, restless minds...
eco-kids earth paint set

Earth Paint Set

Ancient civilizations took advantage of natural mineral deposits on the surface of the earth to create colors for artwork. Eco-Kids earth paint set contains a variety of these shimmering, all-natural...
eco-kids eco-dough (3 pk)

Eco-Dough (3 pk)

Let your kids enjoy worry free play with the non-toxic play dough from eco-kids! Made from all natural ingredients, this eco-dough is a safe option for building, molding, and sculpting...
eco-kids Dinosaur Egg Beeswax Crayons

Dinosaur Egg Beeswax Crayons

  Transport imaginations to the Cretaceous era with eco-kids' Dinosaur Eggs Beeswax Crayons! Each of the six vibrant egg-shaped cuties is crafted with natural wax and colored with mineral pigments....
eco-kids milk paint

Milk Paint

Eco-kids poster paint is a cinch! Just add some H20 to their cleverly concocted milk powder and mineral pigments to whip up thick, ultra-fast drying water-based paint. Worry-free and eco-friendly,...
eco-kids porcelain palette

Porcelain Palette

The porcelain palette is extremely resilient and designed for years of continuous use. With the 12 pigment wells, creating hues is a breeze. Its glossy coating helps to protect against...
eco-kids A Day at the Beach Sand Casting Kit

A Day at the Beach Sand Casting Kit

Preserve your favorite summer memories with A Day at the Beach Sand Casting Kit from eco-kids! This kit includes everything you need to create a special keepsake or unique gift....
eco-kids sea & sky paint set

Sea & Sky Paint Set

The Sea & Sky Paint palette is an invigorating mix of soft, cool colors to inspire the imagination. The non-toxic, eco-friendly formulations feature pigments produced by the Society of Ochres,...
eco-kids análú therapy dough - peppermint

análú Therapy Dough - Peppermint

  Formulated with pure essential oil of peppermint and vegetable pigment, análú therapy dough - peppermint offers a special holiday scent experience. Inhale slowly and exhale completely to enjoy a...
eco-kids a dog at the beach

A Dog at the Beach

Create and preserve precious summer memories! Everything you need including sand casting medium and a package ofbeach treasures are included in our unique kit. Just add water and bake! *...
eco-kids análú Lavender & Peppermint Therapy Dough - Sampler

análú Lavender & Peppermint Therapy Dough - Sampler

Introducing the Analu Sampler Lavender Peppermint Soap from Eco Kids USA – a luxurious blend of soothing lavender and refreshing peppermint essential oils, crafted to pamper your skin and awaken...
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