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ZWS Essentials Mini Bamboo Hairbrush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, 100% Bamboo, Plastic Free, Compostable

Mini Bamboo Hair Brush - Zero Waste Hair Brush, 100% Bamboo, Plastic Free, Compostable

Zero waste & plastic free mini hair brush, perfect to toss in your purse, bring with you on your adventure, or for children! This bamboo hair brush is a great alternative...
ZWS Essentials Compostable Vegetable Brush

Vegetable Brush - Vegetable Scrubber, Eco-Friendly, Plastic Free, Compostable

This plastic free, durable scrub brush is a multi-purpose, eco-friendly swap for traditional plastic dish scrubbers. Made from a bamboo base and yucca and agave fibers which are a medium-soft bristle that can...
Beeswrap Large Beeswax Wrap

Beeswax Food Wrap - Single - Zero Waste Food Wraps, Organic, Plastic Free

From $6.00
Kick plastic food storage to the curb! These reusable beeswax food wraps are perfect for wrapping leftover produce, baked goods, or your lunch for the day. Each wrap can last... White Zero Waste Toothbrush Holder and Soap Dish Bundle

Zero Waste Brush Holder & Soap Dish Bundle

$23.98 $16.99
Organize your countertops and extend the life of your bar soaps with this sleek, eco-friendly bundle. Available in black or white, every bathroom or kitchen can coordinate with this minimalist...