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ZWS Essentials Dish Sponge Mini Kit

Dish Sponge Mini Kit

$13.99 USD
Take your dishwashing routine to eco-friendly heights with this bundle of sponges and a pot scrubbing brush made from entirely zero-waste materials. These tools will help you reach every nook...
ZWS Essentials Long Handled Dish Brush Mini Kit

Long Handled Dish Brush Mini Kit

$13.49 USD
Tired of having to toss your nasty plastic scrubber after each time you have to wash a particularly gruesome dish? This zero-waste and compostable long-handled scrubbing brush with a detachable...
ZWS Essentials Plastic-Free Toilet Brush

Plastic-Free Toilet Brush

$29.99 USD
Tasked with the dirtiest job in the house, why shouldn't your toilet scrubber be sustainable as well as beautiful?  Handmade with eco-friendly, responsibly harvested beech wood and tampico agave fibers,...