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Stasher Reusable Silicone Go Bag

Reusable Silicone Go Bag

$19.00 USD
Endlessly reusable and made for every adventure! With a recycled aluminum carabiner, the Go bag keeps essentials at your fingertips. Perfectly sized for your phone, hand sanitizer, your sunglasses, snacks,...
Beeswrap Beeswax Food Wraps- Variety Pack

Beeswax Food Wraps - Variety Packs - Zero Waste Food Wraps, Organic, Plastic Free, 3 Pack

From $18.99 USD
Keep herbs fresh, wrap baked goods, produce, or cover a bowl with this versatile and reusable beeswax wrap. The possibilities are endless. zero waste Bee's Wraps are the sustainable, natural alternative to plastic wrap. ...
Zero Waste Store Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

$24.00 USD $16.00 USD
Stay hydrated without single-use plastic! Lightweight and easy to carry, our custom 27oz water bottles were made with simple hydration in mind. The single wall design and leak-proof loop cap...
Wisdom Supply Co. Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set

Zero-Waste Pencil Tin Set

$19.50 USD
An student or note-takers essential tin set with everything you need and non of the waste you don't.  "Waste is a design flaw" - say Wisdom's owners therefore not a single...
ESAS BEAUTY Original 1 oz Kolonya Cleansers

Rinse-Free Hand Cleanser

$15.00 USD
Inspired by the centuries-old, noble Turkish ritual of welcoming guests into the home, Esas Kolonya cleansers connect tradition with modern science and sustainability. The first of its kind, these rinse-free... Large - Pink Wedding Bouqet Nothing Fancy Beeswax Wraps Bundle of 2

Beeswax Wraps Bundle of 2

From $12.00 USD
One of the easiest ways to cut down on plastic waste is to swap out day-to-day items and to refuse bringing it in to your home.  Nothing Fancy's Beeswax bundles...
UpCircle Beauty Natural Hand & Body Wash with Lemongrass

Natural Hand & Body Wash with Lemongrass

$18.00 USD
Natural is the new standard but By-Product Beauty is the level up.  Recycled, repurposed and reloved, UpCircle's fruity hand and body wash uses the anti-inflammatory residual water of kiwi fruit,...