ZeroWasteStore Teams Up with Conservation Florida for a Greener Future


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Exciting news! ZeroWasteStore is joining forces with Conservation Florida to take our commitment to sustainability to the next level.

Beginning today, when you shop at ZeroWasteStore, you have the power to permanently protect land!

To kick off this exciting partnership, ZeroWasteStore will be donating 10% of sales from March 3rd and 4th to Conservation Florida in honor of World Wildlife Day. So, not only will you be shopping sustainably, but you'll also be making a direct impact on conservation efforts in Florida.

And that’s not all ... Upon checkout, you will be able to donate to Conservation Florida! Simply opt to donate up to $10 during the checkout process, and you'll be directly contributing to the conservation of our precious natural spaces. Your donations will go to Conservation Florida's mission to safeguard the unique landscapes and wildlife of Florida. Some of our favorite native species include the Florida Panther, Black Bear, Gopher Tortoise, and Florida ScrubJay!

With every plastic-free shampoo bar to sponge cloth you purchase from ZeroWasteStore, you’ll be protecting another acre of sweeping swampland and sparkling Florida springs.

But what exactly does Conservation Florida do, you ask?

Conservation Florida is the only boot-on-the-ground land conservancy working across the entire state of Florida to protect the Sunshine State’s natural and rural landscapes for future generations. They acquire and manage conservation lands, restore critical habitats, and advocate for policies that promote environmental stewardship.

By supporting Conservation Florida, we are investing in the long-term health and sustainability of our environment.

As native Floridians ourselves, this organization is quite literally close to home — and our hearts. We’re excited that you’ve chosen to help protect the unique, wild wonders that not only we call home — but also Florida panthers, manatees, and gopher tortoises, too.

So, how can you get involved? It's simple. Just shop at ZeroWasteStore, and a portion of your purchase will go directly to supporting Conservation Florida's efforts! It's shopping with a purpose, and it feels pretty darn good.

Support Conservation Florida


About Conservation Florida

Conservation Florida is a statewide accredited land conservancy working to conserve Florida’s water, wildlife, wild places, and protect the Florida Wildlife Corridor. The organization’s conservation projects support Florida’s native plants and wildlife, fresh water, wildlife corridors, family farms and ranches, the economy, and nature-based recreation. Since its founding in 1999, Conservation Florida has prioritized strategic and evidence-based land protection and has saved more than 35,000 acres of critical habitat.


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