Carbon Offsetting

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Zero waste living and carbon offsetting allow us to shape a cleaner, greener destiny that future generations will be able to enjoy.

Manmade climate change is an environmental disaster that has been centuries in the making. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, there has been a 30% increase in the heat-trapping carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration levels in our atmosphere, intensifying the Earth’s greenhouse effect and steadily pushing us closer and closer toward a global warming disaster. But catastrophe need not be our fate, should sustainability be our future. The world is in the midst of an environmental awakening, and we are the individuals that make up an ever-growing green movement. We have been called upon to lead the way in which zero waste living and carbon offsetting allows us to shape a cleaner, greener destiny that future generations will be able to enjoy. 

Attaining Carbon Neutrality through Carbon Offsetting

Changing old wasteful ways with new energy-conserving habits like carpooling, reducing air travel, and dimming your lights can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases (GHG) you create, also called your carbon footprint. Using an online carbon footprint calculator, you will be able to quantify your emissions into real numbers with which to measure your progress by. By continuing to conquer more and more energy-saving habits, you can reduce your carbon footprint down to a bare minimum. Carbon offsets can be used to neutralize these residual emissions.

Carbon offsetting is simply a method in which you can use emission-reducing action in one place to compensate for emission-producing action in another place. Purchasing a carbon offset allows you reduce your carbon footprint by directly funding an environmental project that removes greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, providing a way to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality!

  • Calculate – Find your carbon footprint by quantifying the average amount of greenhouse gases you emit into the atmosphere with a carbon footprint calculator. 
  • Mitigate – Mitigate your negative environmental impact by adopting carbon footprint-friendly behaviors to reduce the size of your carbon footprint.
  • Compensate – Pay carbon offsets into environmental projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere to compensate any residual emissions.

While it’s practically impossible for anyone to emit no GHGs at all (just the act of breathing produces carbon dioxide), achieving a carbon-neutral footprint is a realistic goal with carbon offsetting.

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ZWS Carbon-Neutral Shipping Combats Climate Change!

Zero Waste Store constantly strives to provide the most sustainable, eco-friendly online shopping experience for our customers. And now with every ZWS order, you can fight manmade climate change on 2 fronts with carbon-neutral shipping and nature-safe products that that steer clear of toxic landfills.

Making your ZWS order carbon footprint-friendly is convenient and easy. A carbon offset is automatically calculated for you during checkout, based on your shipping address, which you have the option of adding to your order. You can even click through to see more information on the environmental organization that the credit will be funding and details on its emission-reducing operation. 

Simply click on the box next to the option if you wish to purchase the carbon offset to make your shipment emission-free!

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When it comes to protecting Mother Earth, big impacts come with small footprints. Offering carbon offsetting for our customers is something we are proud to offer our customers, and just another way for to do what we can for the health of our planet.

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Mary Ann Sprung
May, 22. 2023

I actually have a question
I live in Huntersville, NC 28078, and am always. conscious of emissions produced when I order something which needs to be shipped to me. I appreciate that you use carbon offsetting.
However, I often wonder if I were able to purchase items at merchants close to my home and I drove in my plug-in hybrid Prius, would I be saving even more emissions from being produced?
Do you sell any of your products near Huntersville, NC 28078?
I especially like the Blue Heron Botanicals Lip Balm.
Thank You,
Mary Ann

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