14 Sustainable New Year's Resolutions That Are Easy To Commit To

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This year, as you make new year’s resolutions, focus on more sustainable practices throughout your life for both yourself and mother nature. 

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It’s that time of year...

Thanksgiving was quickly gobbled up, Christmas was joyful and merry, and now we’re waiting on our third (and final for a while) holiday — New Year's Day!  

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But this isn’t just any holiday — New Years Day resets the clock. Another year, another chance. 

You can feel the energy change in the buildup to that day. The air is alive with excitement, hopes, and dreams. People are shedding the stress and worry of the previous year and starting to feel hopeful for the new one coming. 

This energy is channeled into New Year’s Resolutions. And no matter if you are a diehard resolution-maker or you try to avoid making them altogether, this upcoming year we challenge you to pick one area you could be more sustainable in and make a change. 

It doesn’t have to be an intense or crazy resolution. It can start small and grow but pick an area of your life you can make more sustainable and go for it! We’ll be along for the ride! 

So here are 14 ideas for sustainable 2022 New year's Resolutions you can actually keep. 

  • Outdoor Resolutions
  • Mental Health Resolutions
  • Environmental Resolutions

Outdoor New Year's Resolutions For 2022

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My Outdoor New Year’s Resolution of 2022 Will Be….

To get outside more

Studies show the more time you spend outside, the happier you will be. And not just happier, spending time outside comes with an entire list of benefits — more of which you can check out here. Even if you don’t live around a giant park or the woods, just a little bit of exposure works wonders. 

To go for more walks

Whether you live in the countryside, an urban city, by the beach, or in the mountains, get outside and just walk for 20 minutes a day. Breathe in the fresh air and see what new things you can find. 

To pick up trash on my walks

On those walks you’re going on more of, start noticing where trash builds up and (safely) pick it up. It could be an overflowing bin at your favorite park, a beautiful spot on your favorite trail, or anything else but help rid mother nature of the trash people dump on her. 

To be a tourist in my own city

Obviously do whatever works with your budget but find out what your city or town is known for, why people like it, and start exploring! It’s so easy to get comfortable in what we know but you don’t know what you don’t know. 

To volunteer in my community 

Find a cause that’s meaningful to you and see how you can get involved. It could be a sport that raises money for charity, a community clean-up, volunteering at a farmer’s market — find anything you like in your city and get outside and do it! 

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2022 New Year’s Resolutions for Mental Health

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The past couple of years have been rough. You’ve probably learned a lot about yourself in general. There’s been a lot of talk recently around mental health and for a good reason! You don’t have to spend a ton of money to take care of your mental health.

Choose one or choose them all, but each of the below points is something that can positively affect your mental health. Make these things a habit and when times get tough you’ll already know what to do! 

My Mental Health New Year’s Resolution of 2022 Will Be… 

To meditate more (or start meditating) 

Even just 10 minutes a day can help reduce stress and even illness according to the Mayo clinic. Grab a pillow, a cork yoga mat, or the couch, close your eyes and start breathing. Use an app, follow a guided meditation, or wing it but give it a try and see how it improves your life.

To create a self-care routine

You are important and you need to take care of yourself. Incorporating a self-care routine or a more sustainable self-care routine can include reading more books, journaling, eating foods that are good for you (at least most of the time) and good for the planet, moving your body, and more! Unsure what could help you with that? Check out our plastic-free self-care collection for inspiration! 

To spend time (more time) with friends & family

It’s never been more clear that spending time with people you love and people that make you feel good is an important part of self-care. Don’t be afraid to send the first text, share a moment of your day that you think someone else will appreciate, or just be there for someone to talk to. Share your thoughts on sustainability and listen to other people’s perspectives! 

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To take time off social media

Social Media is like, really cool. You can talk to whoever you want, whenever you want about pretty much anything you want. You can make a career on it, network, and keep in touch with people. But overuse can lead to depression, poor sleep quality, low self-esteem and more. 

This year, start with small, attainable goals like cutting back 5 minutes a day. As that becomes easier, keep cutting back until you find your happy spot. Try reaching for a book like Give A Sh*t or 101 Ways To Go Zero Waste instead of scrolling.

To ask for help when I need it

Last, but certainly not least, ask for help when you need it. There is no shame in feeling overwhelmed, or lost, or sad. There are people out there who care about you and want to help whether it be in the form of a therapist or loved one. If you’re not ready to ask for help, try journaling your feelings or the things you want to ask for help on until you’re ready to ask. Journal Zero Waste Style with this Sugarcane Paper Notebook.

Environmental New Year’s Resolutions For 2022

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My Environmental New Year’s Resolution of 2022 Will Be ...
To create a garden or garden more

If you live in an area where you can have a garden, give it a shot! Grow anything that makes you happy or even try growing your own food. Not only can you help things grow but gardening can also help improve your mental health

To start composting

A large endeavor for sure but a worthy one. Give composting a try with our Worm Factory Compost System or our Subpod In-Garden Compost Unit. Both of these systems make composting easy and odor-free so you can have them almost anywhere. Pretty soon you’ll get all your neighbors on board and you’ll be the most sustainable neighborhood around. 

To use less plastic

Easy in theory, harder to put into action. Plastic is so ingrained in our lives, where would you even begin? The answer is anywhere! Try not to get overwhelmed by the possibilities of what all you could do, but pick one area of your life and start there. Once you’ve got that mastered, move on. Check out our categories for inspiration on where to start. Not to brag but we’re kind of pros at this no-plastic thing. 

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To create a sustainable routine

Another easy in theory, harder to put into action one but doable nonetheless! Identify an area of your life that you could make more sustainable. Perhaps it’s your bathroom, or your kitchen, maybe your makeup, or skincare — all of these have helpful guides already written, but start small with an area you’d like to upgrade or a routine you think could use some sustainability and start there. You don’t have to start with the whole routine (unless you want to) but perhaps choose 1 or 2 main items and work from there. 

Most importantly, remember that New Year’s Resolutions are flexible! They should grow and change with you. After all, they’re your own personal goals. You just happen to be making them at a time when everyone else is also making them. Follow us on Instagram and TikTok to stay engaged and motivated. We always love to hear how you’re doing and to help you with your sustainability goals. 

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