{Zero} Waste Kit

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Zero Waste Kit Ceramic & Bamboo Knife

Ceramic & Bamboo Knife

This zero waste, custom-made knife has a ceramic blade, bamboo handle, and cork sleeve for protection. The knife will stay sharp with proper use and last years! Perfect for traveling...
Zero Waste Kit Stainless Steel Straw with Blue Silicone Tip

Stainless Steel Straw with Blue Silicone Tip

From $7.00
Be the change by sucking responsibly and saying no to single-use plastics! Our eco-friendly straws are ethically sourced, made of stainless steel and silicone, making it bendable and also disabilities-friendly. This straw...
{Zero} Waste Kit {ZERO} Waste Kit Burrito

Zero Waste Kit Travel Set Burrito- Reusable Utensil Set

From $36.00
The perfect kit for travel and on-the-go! This burrito includes a spork utensil, stainless straw with silicone tip, agave fiber straw cleaner, two produce bags, and a one of a...
{Zero} Waste Kit {Zero} Waste Kit

{Zero} Waste Kit - Zero Waste Bundle, Plastic Free Starter Kit, Zero Waste Lunch Kit

From $60.00
This kit makes reducing your daily waste easy! Swap out those disposable togo containers, plastic utensils, produce bags, plastic cups, single-use straws, and wasteful napkins with all of the #sustainable items in...