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United by Blue (R)evolution™ Collapsible Double Dog Bowl

(R)evolution™ Collapsible Double Dog Bowl

Upgrade your furry friends' accessories with eco-friendly options! This convenient dog bowl easily folds and zips for maximum portability and even includes a back loop for hands-free carrying. Made from...
Zefiro Bamboo Dog Brush

Bamboo Dog Brush

Maintain your furry friend's fabulous fur with the Bamboo Dog Brush that boasts a sisal bristle side for removing loose hair and smoothing their coat and a wire bristle side...
Beco Pets Bamboo Dog Wipes

Bamboo Dog Wipes

These wipes are crafted from 100% bamboo cloth and enriched with shea butter and aloe vera. They are ideal for cleaning paws, ears, bums, and more! Made from bamboo which...
Beco Pets Mashing Food Spork

Mashing Food Spork

Easily mash and scoop your pet's food with this convenient Mashing Food Spork. Featuring a long handle and right-angled edge, this spork effortlessly reaches into corners and keeps your hands...
Natural Dog Company 1oz Tin Paw Protection Dog Balm

Paw Protection Dog Balm

From $14.99
Did you know that dogs are born with incredibly soft and sensitive paw pads that were originally their natural defense while roaming in the wild? Unfortunately, things like hot pavement,...
Natural Dog Company 2oz Tin Paw Soother Dog Healing Balm

Paw Soother Dog Healing Balm

From $17.99
  Your furry friend's paws are key to their well-being. Don't let dry, rough, or cracked paws keep them down - give them some Paw Soother! This organic, plant-based balm...
BioDOGradable Pet Waste Bag Dispenser (15 bags included)

Pet Waste Bag Dispenser - Biodegradable Pet Waste Bags, Leak Proof, Plastic Free

We've searched high and low for truly eco-friendly pet waste bags, and we have finally found them! Our Leash dispenser is made from post-consumer recycled material and comes with 15...
Natural Dog Company 2oz Tin Skin Soother Dog Healing Balm

Skin Soother Dog Healing Balm

Soothe your dog's skin with Skin Soother, an all-natural balm that fights against various irritations and injuries! From cuts and rashes to hot spots and allergies, this powerful balm will...
Natural Dog Company 2oz Tin Snout Soother Dog Healing Balm

Snout Soother Dog Healing Balm

From $17.99
Do you have a Brachycephalic Breed or a pup with an irritated, sensitive snout? No matter the type of dog, Snout Soother is here to soothe a variety of skin...