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BetterBone All Natural Dog Bone Chew

All Natural Dog Bone - Eco Friendly Dog Toy - Non-Splintering, Nylon Free

From $17.99
This sustainable dog bone chew is better for your dog and the planet! Made from PEFC sourced sustainable natural wood fiber & sustainable plant-based oil, each bone is all-natural, nylon-free, non-splintering,...
BetterBone BetterCollar - 100% Fairtrade Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic Dog Collar

BetterCollar - 100% Fair Trade Recycled Ocean Bound Plastic Dog Collar

Welcome to the BetterCollar the official collar of cleaner oceans! Adorn your furry friend with the world's first and only certified fair-trade & 100% recycled ocean-bound plastic collars! With a...