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5 Zero Waste Lip Balm Brands You Need to Know About

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These 5 brands have some of our favorite zero waste lip balms that are multifunctional, good for your lips, good for the planet, and don’t have to break the bank! 

Coca Cola flavored Lip Smackers, the tingle of lip plumper, Burt's Bees, Carmex... if you know you know. Lip balm is an essential part of our routines and our lives. And nothing is as exciting as the feeling of getting a new lip balm — except for the feeling of actually finishing one without losing it, of course.

3 Lip Smackers chapsticks. One shaped liked a cup of sprite with a straw, one like a coca cola with a straw and one in a chapstick tube in coca cola flavor.

Photo by Lip Smacker

No matter if you’re a regular, non-tinted kind of person or you prefer to have all the colors, there’s a zero waste lip balm calling your name. And what’s not to love about them? They’re cute, they’re multipurpose, they contain only a handful of ingredients, and they’re good for the planet! 

There are many companies and individuals who have listened to the demands of the conscious consumer and are making zero waste lip balms. While nowhere near an exhaustive list, these are a few of our favorites to get you started!

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  • Fat and the Moon
  • Sustain Yourself
  • Meow Meow Tweet
  • Blue Heron Botanicals
  • River Organics

Why Make The Switch To Zero Waste Lip Balm

How many lip balms have you lost over the course of your life? They fall out of your pocket, fall to the bottom of your bag, open, and absorb all the crumbs down there, they melt, they break, someone uses it and now you’re grossed out, but they’re so cheap that it really doesn’t matter; you’ll just go out and buy another one. 

Buuuuut, plastic. Most chapsticks and lip balms are packaged in plastic containers with a bunch of plastic components made of different plastics, unfortunately making them unrecyclable. Then there are the other balms that come in tubes + applicators, and there you have another component of plastic that can’t be recycled.  

Zero waste lip balms come in all shapes, sizes, compostable, recyclable, and reusable containers! And usually with fewer ingredients than found in commercial, plastic laden balms. 

3 Lip Smackers chapsticks. One shaped liked a cup of sprite with a straw, one like a coca cola with a straw and one in a chapstick tube in coca cola flavor.

Photo by Brittney Weng on Unsplash

Use Your Dollar To Support Brands Doing the Right Thing

Your skin really doesn’t need that many ingredients to be happy — and neither do your lips. When it comes to the companies making these zero waste lip balms, they care about the planet and their sustainability efforts. A lot of the time you’re getting ingredients that were locally grown, free from pesticides and fertilizers, that have supported other small businesses who are practicing sustainable farming and even beekeeping methods. 

The zero waste brands highlighted below, and many others that didn’t make this list, are achieving intense hydration, safe for sensitive skin and babies, and multifunctional uses for anywhere on your body with a fraction of the ingredients used in commercial/industrial products. All without any plastic! 

Below are some of our favorite zero waste lip balms and why we love them.

Zero Waste Lip Balms We Love

This Lip Salve from Fat and the Moon is a salvation! Only 4 powerhouse ingredients make up this balm but that’s all you need to keep your kissers hydrated. Mango Butter is packed with vitamin E and C and not only provides superb hydration but can help protect your skin from other stressors like the sun and blue light. This salve is great for those with sensitive lips and is light on the shine (and grease) for a minimal-gloss look. If you’re looking for a more intense hydration, check out Fat and the Moon’s All Salve. Both contain Beeswax making them not vegan but both are packaged in a small metal tin that can be upcycled or recycled. 

Open screw top circular container (.5 fl oz). Bottom is filled with balm, label on the lid reads Fat and the moon Lip Salve

Photo by Fat and the Moon

2. Sustain Yourself

This multipurpose lip stain from Sustain Yourself is perfect for those looking for some extra color and can be used on lips, cheeks, eyes, wherever you want it! Made from only a handful of natural ingredients you can be sure you’re not putting any harmful chemicals where they don’t need to be. Coconut Oil, jojoba oil, and beeswax all combine for the perfect combo of moisturizing. The beeswax is sourced from a local farm that practices sustainable beekeeping and is helping to maintain existing bee populations. These balms come in a push tube container like regular chapstick but without all the waste! The labels are 100% compostable and the tubes are 100% biodegradable (made from cardboard lined with wax paper); both are sourced from a local small business. If you’re looking for something without color, they also have peppermint and unscented push tubes.

Small cardboard circle container containing solid black mascara. Life off to the side reads: River Organics Mascara. Mascara spoolie and eye shadow applicator combo brush sits in front

Photo by Sustain Yourself

Shop Lip & Cheek Stain on Zero Waste Store

This vegan lip balm from Meow Meow Tweet comes in a jumbo cardboard (compostable) tube and can be used anywhere you have dry skin — we love a multipurpose product! This Repair Balm can be used head to toe on feet, elbows, cuticules, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, even tattoos — we really did mean it can be used everywhere. The Repair Balm has a tea-like woody scent however, if you’re specifically looking for a lip balm, Meow Meow Tweet has some other (amazing of course) options. The Coconut Cacao scent is essential oil free and perfect for babies and toddlers while the Rosemary Eucalyptus and Sweet Orange Tangerine can double as aromatherapy on the go — swipe a bit under your nose for a little pick me up wherever you are. These handmade jumbo balms are all vegan (Leaping Bunny Certified), palm oil free, plastic free, and backyard compostable! 

Cardboard tube push up lip balm container (closed). Label reads meow meow tweet on the lid and repair balm on the tube.

Photo by Meow Meow Tweet

4. Blue Heron Botanicals

This Lip Therapy from Blue Heron Botanicals is made in California on an off-the-grid farm powered entirely by solar power. To use as little water and power as possible, all of the herbal infused oils are also powered by solar infusion and many ingredients are grown in their own garden. They also have vegan and tinted options for any of your lip balm needs! This woman-owned company is 100% plastic free and uses compostable packaging wherever possible (Lip Therapy is compostable) and uses as many ingredients as possible from local Northern California farms to support other small businesses and keep their carbon footprint low. 

6 organic zero waste lip therapy tubes fanned out. From left to right tubes are Pacific Mint, Cali Orange, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Lavender Lemongrass, Pacific Peppermint, Coastal Berry

Shop Blue Heron Botanicals on Zero Waste Store

5. River Organics

River Organics has both untinted and tinted balm options but tint or no tint both provide extreme hydration and — you guessed it — are multipurpose! With vegan and non-vegan options, these balms use the superpowers of Cacao and Mango butter to provide nourishment to chapped lips (or skin). Mica is a mineral used in cosmetics to give a shimmery effect, but in the past few years, light has been shed on the unethical production involving child labor and illegal mining practices. River Organics uses conflict-free lab made Mica to achieve the same sparkle but without the unethical practices. Each balm is packaged in jumbo push tubes made of cardboard that are compostable. River Organics also matches any donations to offset carbon emissions. 

5 open cardboard push tubes lined up. Balms are pushed up to reveal colors and range from dark red (left) to nude/no color (right).

Photo by River Organics

Shop River Organics Lip Stains on Zero Waste Store

Switching to a zero waste lip balm is an easy way to add some sustainability to your routine — they also make excellent presents to give to your friends! It’s a little easier on your conscience when you lose one as you know the products and the packaging will easily return to the earth. Although since they cost a bit more than $1, your conscience might keep better track of them as well! 

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